Monday, July 22, 2013

Lift Where You Stand, July 22, 2013

My life is such a beautiful sham of joy! Sometimes I take a step back for a hot second and examine how ridiculous I am...maybe it's because it's summer in Georgia and the weather goes from sauna humid hot to down pour flash floods in a matter of seconds and I can never really tell if the wetness I’m drenched in is sweat or rain. Needless to say, I laugh all day long. 

I love how the Lord's plan is always better than mine. I was ready to part from my beloved ward but the Lord wasn't quite ready for me to leave just yet and I'm so thankful His ways are always the best way. The bishop should really just give me a calling in the ward and put me on the roster!

It's a reoccurring lesson I am learning to absolutely trust in the Lord. I am SO thankful that the Lord wanted me to stay in Lost Mountain. Our new apartment is the bomb! We live in a basement apartment of the sweet grandparents house and the basement is the epitome of a grandma's basement! haha I sleep in a queen size bed. Hello, glory of a good nights sleep! Tender mercy! Oh wonderful stateside missions :) With our new place, comes a new area of the ward. Thank heavens, I thrive off change and although I’m still in the same ward, we have plenty of change! I'm back in the area I covered my first transfer here so going back to those I used to work with has been the greatest joy! 

I've learned so much about myself lately. It's so true that missions shape you into adulthood. I'll be eternally thankful for my time on a mission to figure out who I am and who I want to become, through my Savior's mercy, of course. I was pondering Revelations 3:15 the other day where Christ says, "I would thou wert cold or hot." We have a choice when we wake up every morning what our soul's temperature is going to be. We gotta pick one. Let me be frank and say that nothing urkes me more than wishy washy "luke warm" Christians out here in the South. Be on the Lord's team. Represent Him well. 

I realize we all have our fair share of personal trials; some more than others. Thankfully our Father is perfectly knowledgeable of our circumstances. However, trials are no excuse for mediocrity. Temporal obstacles make eternal development possible. Failure can be one of the greatest teachers if we have the faith to learn from them. I literally fail every day...but thankfully God is always victorious. Satan may win some battles if we let him but God will always win the war. 

Our newly called Bishop's motto is "lift where you stand." I loved it! If we are doing our job to the best of our ability then others can do theirs too and then we become one cohesive team of children of God. Wherever we are in our own personal journeys, or whatever our calling or responsibility may lie...lift and elevate those around you! Hard work and love is so satisfying.  I know that I can only share the gospel to the extent I live it. The Lord has called me to do His work, He is laboring with me as I listen and ask for heaven's help and my heart is exploding of gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

The south will be lifted again! 
Peace + Blessings, 
Sister Avery Miyahara! 

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