Monday, January 13, 2014

Called to Know the Richness of His Blessings 1/13/14

*Note from momma miyahara - Avery has been out exactly one year!*

This week’s realities:
Our church FLOODED. This week Acworth and maybe the rest of the world has some crazy times with bursting pipes due to freezing temperatures. On Wednesday night, there was water all in the church to your knees!! We all were treacherously doing all we could to sweep (literally) the water out the doors of the building. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! So. Much. Water.  My heart broke at the sight of the baby pool of our Bishop’s office and the skimming dream land for a surfer but knowing me, you can be assured that we made such fun out of it! My boots slid perfectly on the iced over sopping carpet and we were making waves of water to exit the building  : ) The ward came together and labored to get out dear church building back in its right and proper way. A night of ward bonding for sure!
Jonathan is wonderful! His progression has been a missionary’s dream! Everything we teach, he simply accepts. He has known Mormons forever because his extended family are all active members, he was just raised with a father who wasn’t. So it leads me to think of all my friends and family who hasn’t given the church a thought yet…they will, when the time is right. The Lord will lead those prepared to His church. We’re excited for this Saturday’s miracle of a baptism! A remission of sins, endowed with power (Holy  Ghost), and eternal life is real and available to all!
This week we had zone training meeting which mean a temple trip!! I wish I could sufficiently express my love for being in the House of the Lord. Glory and peace and understand and clarity flood my soul as I sit and embrace the blessings of the temple. Hey, everyone is welcome! The steps to be worthy of such are simple : ) President is all about the vision of this life and the life to come. I love how frequently he counsels us to prepare for celestial life. We can’t be worthy of heaven if we don’t abide by heaven’s laws here on earth.
1 Corinthians 1: 25-27; Ether 12: 27! Glory to God! I’m so weak. And slowly but surely He is making those weaknesses strong. I’m thankful for this journey of patience and humility.
The Acworth ward is just fantastic! I love my sweet companion. Every day is blast! There isn’t anything I’d rather be doing. The Spirit dances within me and I feel such inner peace as I labor in the Lord’s vineyard! "Glad our hearts His holy name confessing. Praises unto Him we bring"
Y’all have a blessed day!
Your southern peachy thing,
Sister Miyahara

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