Friday, July 5, 2013

A Sweaty Hello from Georgia! June 17, 2013

Excuse my redundancy about how over-enthused obsessed I am about the Book of Mormon...but it's seriously the greatest source of pure light and truth and knowledge! Anyone who actually reads from its pages could never ever claim that an unlearned farm boy could ever come up with this! I deeply study the Book of Mormon every day and every single day I receive direct answer to prayer within its pages. It is the word of God. If you haven't read it or if you have read it, I urge all to read it because it will bring you closer to God than you could have ever imagined...and we all need that in these tumultuous times, right? I promise you there is power that will flow into your lives the moment you begin sincere study of it. I can guarantee that because I see it change peoples lives everyday.

The other day we were tracting in a rather wealthy community and we knocked into this lady and her teenage daughter. They were not interested in the slightest so we asked if we could leave them with a word of prayer to bless their family and they accepted. After I said amen, their entire attitude changed and the mom said, "wait a second, I can feel Christ's power radiating from you girls, now what do you have to share again?" I was holding a Book of Mormon in my hand (like I always do, totally recommend it for all you missionaries!) and quickly introduced this magnificent second witness of Jesus Christ. She asked us a million questions and replied to our answer with things like, "yeah, I've always wondered if Christ preformed miracles in other lands" and "Absolutely, I would read anything that would help me grow closer to our Savior." This sweet family is from Nigeria and they have accepted the Book of Mormon, which now stands as evidence to them that the gospel of Jesus Christ has indeed been restored in this these last days.

In the Book of Mormon, they are either listening or they are not. Obeying or not. And whether or not they are direct effects if they are prosperous and joyful or not. This is entirely true for us! I've learned that we all just need to relax and be like Nephi. Everything will work out if you're living righteously. Simple as that! Take a step back from your problems and just be righteous. It's just the intelligent thing to do. Let Jesus Chirst fight your battles (D&C 98:37 so good!)

I hope you had a glorious Fathers Day, paps. I love you dearly. Blakey, you're graduated and you're going up to BYU without me and I'm so stoked for you. Sammy, the pictures from your play melted my heart! I'm so proud of you, actor man you! Mom and Britt, I love you so much. I just have so much love for y'all. Know that I pray for you specifically everyday!

Peace+blessings, baby!
Sister Miyahara

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