Friday, July 5, 2013

A Week of chaos+nos+perfect timing! June 24, 2013

My body, spirit and soul is currently in recovery mode from this past week. Thank the high heavens for P-day and glorious few hours we have to go play and be crazy humans (today we are playing games, hiking Kennesaw Mountain and fishing with the elders)! If you just had any inclination that our P-days are group dates, please rethink that! More or less, these sweet elders are just straight awko tacs and I find great entertainment at making them feel even more awkward. Hey, someone’s gotta do it.

Where am I going here? Oh right! The glorious havoc of this past week! So to give you a short run down...Monday was a half p-day, Tuesday we got go to the temple (hallelujah!), Wednesday was zone training and leadership meetings up the ying yang, and Thursday I was out of my area on exchanges for 24 hours. Needless to say, my area was being neglected and we had work to be done Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So what did we do? Go to work.

I find it absolutely hysterical when people feel the need to teach us about our religion and say things like "bless your heart, let me tell you how you can be saved from the hell you'll be off to!" or "oh honey, no, you may not pray with me but I sure will pray for you!" My heart breaks for these wonderful Christians! Their pastors have polluted their minds with such false beliefs that some actually believe we have horns! If you've ever known a Mormon, you could never claim such a thing! So I just smile and bear my testimony and pray that the Spirit or something about our encounter will leave them pondering our message. We had a painful amount of "no’s" but our "yeses" sure made up for all the rest!

So after a sufficient amount of no’s we went to our scheduled appointment with a new investigator and her family. They didn't answer. I was on the verge of discouragment but not totally yet! I was just pooped from the week! Anyway, so we drive down the street, turn around to leave and an older lady comes out of the house and waves us down. We pull over, teach her about the Restoration, invited her to learn more and then a member in the subdivision drives up and offers to take her to Walmart and they bonded and BAM! Conversion is taking place!

If y'all didn’t get a chance to watch the world wide missionary training broadcast that took place tonight, I encourage all to watch it! It was incredible. Everything that was said came from the Lord so we better put it into action pronto! This is the Lord's work and we just have to do it His way or else we will fail! He knows what is ahead. I am fully committed to His royal army! 70,274 missionaries currently now serving the Lord throughout all nations, kindreds and toughs. Marvelous!

We have a glorious message to the world! We boldly proclaim each day that the fullness of Jesus Christ's church has been restored by a loving Heavenly Father who wants His children to enjoy a fullness of His blessings! Can you tell how excited I am about this gospel?! It's because it is true and it is the Lord's. I pray we can all be like Nephi and "go and do the things which the Lord commands!"

Peace and Blessings, yo!
Sister Miyahara

P.s. I got to talk to Nicoley on the phone this week!! She was in Georgia! And a Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!!
p.s.s.s Blakey, have fun at BYU for me..and...brookie...and lily :

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