Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Much Are We Going To Give?

What a week its been! I'm struggling to put into comprehensive words the change that has altered my perspective forever. Ah! I'm beaming with excitement right now because I get to share with you these game changers! Life is so good, but God is greater!  Okay where to even begin?! I'll try to jump right in...
So over the past week God and I talk, a lot like A-LOT and I'm slowly but surely figuring things out. A lesson He has been teaching me is in no way church doctrine, it is merely the newbie thoughts of sis. miyahara but it may be influential in your life cause it sure as heck was in mine! So, I've come to the conclusion that we are entirely in control of God's hand in our lives.  WE choose however much of ourselves we are going to give to Him and then in return, He can bless and sactify that portion we offer.  Let's say you give 40% of yourself to God, He will bless that 40%.  You give a solid 75% of youself to God, He is going to bless you for that percentage you're willing to give.  So, He is still blessing us no matter what.  God's hand in always in our lives even if we are only offering Him a small percentange of oursleves. But it is totally and completely up to us to decide how much of ourselves are we gonna gove to God.  How much of our trust, our faith are we gonna give to God? How much of our own personal humanly will are we willing to give up to follow Gods will?
Well, ill tell you what...#thesearemyconfessions...the first week at the MTC had it's challenges.  Adjusting to this psychotic schedule was hard. Hearing the phrase "exact obedience" over and over and over again was annoying.  Occasional self-righteous remarks urked at my soul and so on and so forth.  I was working my way down into the uncomfortbale cold waters but I sure wasn't diving in and swimming around.  You feel me? I'd claim I was 80% in.  However God was blessing me loads! I still had a fabulous first week! BUT! (the exciting but...) I recognized that partial commitment to follow His will, sure I was following 80% of His will but I was still grasping onto my selfish 20%.  Silly, silly me. 
I found it in myself to give all of myself to God. I needed 100% of His blessings and guidance and that wasn't going to be found by giving 80%. I was so not going to be "exactly obedient" smiply because everyone and their dog at the MTC was telling everyone to do so.  I needed the desire to be exactly obedient to come because I wanted to follow God.  I've chosen to give all of myslef to God.  I'm learning to fully despose of my selfish humanly will and trust in His will.  It's not easy, not at all actually, but boy of boy is it the most marvelous! Miracles after miracles! Tender mercy after tender mercy! Blessed be His name! Because holy moly is it one heck of a wonderful ride when God's will is driving us!
Humility is putting our confidence in God, not in oursleves.  Sometimes God asks us to be humbled before He lifts us back us.  Trust me, I was humbled.  yikes. But in turn, SO gloriously blessed! I love that I dont feel like I'm changing, I think that's why I was hesitate to fully give 100% I liked who I was and was scared i'd loose the Avery behind the Sister Miyahara. I confidently know that I am still me in every sense, I'm just becoming a better me! I am becoming all and more my Savior sees in me. I am learning SO much! I am progressing SO much! I've been shown all my weakness so very clearly. I have SO much more to become and SO much more to learn and I'm stoked for the ride that God's will is taking!
I challenge you to do what I had to do...evaluate how much you're giving to God. If you're seeking more help, guiance, knowledge, confidence, or love, give more of yourself to Him and I pinky promise, cross my heart, that He will be right there, ready and willing to bless and sactify all you're willing to give unto Him!  I reccomend giving 100% of yourself to Him cause its the freaking bomb.  I hope you all are making every day the best day ever! Every passing day is just too glorious to pass up unchanged.  I love you! Thanks for being the most supportive bunch out there! I pray for you all on the reg!
Peace and blessings,
Sister Miyahara
p.s. I get to go to Costco today for an eye exam! Gotta get those lens fixed before I leave next week! You know I'll be taking a tester lap with my companion.
p.s.s. I forgot to mention that this past sunday, Linda Burton (General Relief Society President) taught relief society to all the sisters missionaries here.  How rad is that?! Mind=blow.
p.s.s.s. I'm growning more fond of the food here.  Thank YOU to all the glorious people who sent me food! haha I seriously love you all too much more words. 

ha! okay im done! sorry for the overload! let's hope that wasnt all jibberish! LOVE YOU!! 
Our ever inspiring investigator from Atlanta!  She has been through hell and back, like I'm serious.  Our lessons were real, not role play and I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned from this wonderful lady.  Lawanna, God be with you until we meet in Heaven!

Today me and my BFF/Soul Sister/Eternal Friend/ATL twinner, Sister Raley, got to go to Costco!  I had an eye appt. and it was a freaking blast!  Being out in the real world was so refreshing. 
Adios Elders!

Elder Kaufusi has changed all our lives her at the MTC!

Da crew (District E).  They make me cry, both spiritually and humorously, ya know-just da best!

Hermana Skinner is my buddy here!  We have the same schedule so I see her all the time and it's the best!

Couldn't be more proud of this smiley spiritual giant, Elder Nixon!

I'm going to miss my fav MTC Elders!  Elder Clarke has left for Thailand and Elder Kimball's visa didn't go through so he finds out tomorrow where he will go stateside for the time being.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The First Email

It was actually really hard leaving my wonderful life at home....but!! I've chosen to make this place my new wonderful! It would be impossible for me to sum up what I'm experiencing at the
MTC.  This fascinating training center is entirely led by our Heavenly Father.  The flawless organization is mind boogling! The ambiance of this place is illuminated!  The smiles on everyone's faces is deeply inspiring! The Spirit is apart of every itty bitty aspect here its just nutso! This literally couldnt be done if it wasnt headed by God himself.  There are 3,000 missionaries in this little campus, all on different schedules, all of whom have multiple teachers, and who are preparing to go spread this true gospel to all the corners of the earth.  It's miraculous.

1 Nephi 11:22 +33 really sum up my feeling quite perfectly.  It says how the love of God is most desirable above all things and is most joyous to the soul!  I hav
e never felt so loved by my 
Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ so it only makes sense that my days are filled with unmeasurable joy!  In all honestly, there are tough moments but I really am thankful to have had some tough moments.  It is because of those tough moments that I've been so humbled and have had to rely 100% on the Lord's unwavering comfort.  The Lord truly is blessing me as well of the other 3,000 here so we can go all over the world and bless His children.

I love my district!  We spend literally all day together. It's as if we've been friends foreves! I mean the fart/poop barrier was broken hour 1 of day 1! I also love my companion. She is the sweetest soul from Orem, Utah.  I have learned a great deal from her and her testimony. I know HF paired us up for a purpose! Everyone is seriously instafriends instantly friends haha instagram is forever (well for 18 months) in my past (cue the sad face)! ANYWAYS, its awesome.  Friends everywhere just lovin preparing to go out and serve! Gosh it's such a happy place here!

I've learned that the joys we find from ourselves are so temporary, but the joys we find from our Savior are eternal.  My happiness and enthusiasm for life is increasing at rapid amounts day by day! My teachers create the coolest environment that allows the Spirit to be our teacher.  I've never studied this much, ever.  Literally from 6am to 10:30pm we work and work and prepare to go teach this gospel.  With the new age change, the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is about to flood this earth. There is an average of around 2,000 missionaries here at a time and by this summer they are saying there will be an average of 8,000 missionary here preparing to go serve.  It's absolutely insane!! It's remarkable, the gospel is remarkable! and its about to take over, people! :) I am so honored to be here. The Lord is hastening the work and to be apart of it all is humbling.  I've come to the conclusion that Heavenly Father has blessed me with trials and an abundancy of blessing my entire life to prepare me for this work.  Right here, right now! I know that this has been in my plans since the get go.  Through His strength, we can do anything! I know that! I know that because it's been His strength that has carried me this past week. I just love this place! I really do.

I cant wait to go teach the people of Atlanta! I cant wait to be a helping hand to those peoples journeys to Christ.  This is Jesus Christ's restored gospel on the earth today. If you want to grower nearer to God and Jesus Christ, I know that the Book of Mormon is your answer.  I know that Heavenly Father knows us all perfectly.  I love this gospel and so will the people of Atlanta.

Where ever you are, be 100% there.  I totally believe that where ever we are in our own personal journeys,we need to be fully there.  Beam with a happy countence no matter what! I promise it will help you forget your worries and needs and soon other's worries and needs will become more of a priority than yours.

I love you guys. Expect everyday to be the your BEST DAY EVER! (thats one of our district goals!) :)
Thanks for writing me, keep it up! Mail is a wonderful thing here!

Until next Wednesday,

Sister Miyahara!
Saying "Good bye" pictures..........

 First pictures in the MTC
Jessie was my first Host.  Tender Mercies!

They have Riddle Skittles at the MTC bookstore!  
I Love gym time and on Wednesdays, I can be Avery : )

My district.  I love them so!

Elder Clarke!!!!

MTC is fun, I promise!
Life changing devotionals twice a week (General Primary President taught Relief Society on Sunday!

Peace up, A-town (we all live together and are all going to the ATL baby

My district.  I spend all day everyday with them.
ma sistas


After....exact obedience stuff....
Brain explosion!!