Monday, June 9, 2014

Glory to God ! 6/9/14

Tell me my morning wasn’t the best missionary morning you’ve ever heard of?!?!
5:30am workout at “swift Cantrell park” was SO MUCH FUN. Every morning this past transfer we wake up at 5:30 and go work out with members of our ward! Something we like to call “Project: become the fittest congregation in Georgia!” hahaha it’s such a blast! The elders, the members, our investigators and all we invite come out and start their mornings off right with the sister missionaries! This morning Sister Comstock (my BFF inspiration lady I’d do anything to be like when I'm a mom) kicked my butt and we loved every second of it! Run then burpies then run then backward jump squats then run then bear crawls then run then LAUGH all the while!!  BEST REASON TO GIVE UP SLEEP.
: Louie had his baptismal interviews at 8am at the church. Our district leader said he is one of the most prepared individuals he has ever talked to. He is a member referral from his co-worker who attends our ward. The prophesy of many being prepared to hear the message of the Restoration by the example and mouth of our members have come to pass! I stand completely amazed at the faith of this man. Born and raised stanch Baptist and finally finding the fullness of truth has altered Louie’s eternity. So thrilled for his baptism this Friday night! Keep Louie in your prayers J
9am-another miracle appointment. Andrea is the tenderest, close to the spirit 10 year old there has ever been in the history of the world! She comes from a part member family that has been re-activated and Andrea will be baptized this Saturday!! Teaching her the lessons has been the most enjoyable experience because she recognized truth and understands it so quickly. Her mom told us that last night she said, “Mom, our home has felt different since the sisters started coming by. I can feel angels here. I know that this is what God wants for our family.” Those angels surrounding her and her home will be greatly rejoicing this Saturday. How grateful I am to be merely an instrument to bring about lasting conversion to our Savior Jesus Christ.
I’ve come to the conclusion that if there is anything good I’ve done here in Georgia, it’s because of the love from our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. The truths of the Gospel have come alive in me and in many of those around me. The miracles are undeniable.
Every day I get the privilege to meet people that look at me with such lost eyes and somehow the Spirit allows me to speak the words that are precisely what they needed to hear at that very moment. NONE of this is my doing! Not at all. It’s my job to prepare spiritually first and then let the Holy Ghost do all the work. The Lord has my total allegiance! This mission has been the greatest decision I have made in my life thus far. My days in Georgia mean everything to me because I know how much they mean to God. Our Father in Heaven LOVE us, just believe it! It’s absolute truth! And all I want to do is bring glory to His name!
So true life…I ate an entire homemade bread loaf in the span of two hours. by. my. self. DANG IT! I also thought it would be a good idea to learn how to garden and pull weeds and I totally love doing yard work! Dad, I'm all yours this summer! Oh yeah and I found it fun to try to speak Spanish to our Hispanic investigators and the phrase I’ve never forgotten since freshmen year Spanish 1 is “tengo hombe” NOT the best thing to say to an over generous Hispanic. HELLO weight gain this week. Ha! Whatever. You can loose the weight but not the memories, right?
Goodness gracious my life…so wonderful! Wouldn’t trade these days for the world! I’m so excited to work so hard, to talk to everyone, to sacrifice sleep and to have so much fun this next full week as a full time missionary : )
All my love and silly quirks,
Sister Avery Kimi Miyahara


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