Monday, April 28, 2014

Pollen Vortex + Spiritual Edification 4/28/14

I must say, spring time in Georgia is quite a glorious slight to see but NOT to smell. HELLO allergy mania! The air is literally a thick yellow of pure POLLEN. The sidewalks, cars, everything is yellow. The ground looks as though we had a yellow chalk war. One night after a lot of walking, I jumped into the shower and the water off of me/my hair actually ran yellow!! Claritin aint got any hold on these allergies! Wow, this was a long rant but when the pollen count is five hundred thousand gazillion, it’s worth a rant!
 I <3 GA
Emi and Kellen are married! Yay!! I’m so thankful and proud to be a Miyahara.  I was thinking about you all Saturday! Happiest of wishes to my newly hitched cousins! Family trumps all. I am ever grateful for the strength and support I feel from my family-immediate and extended! Y’all are the best.
This past week was wonderful…for both the people we are working with as well as for me. I finished the New Testament and the Book of Mormon again and WOW! I want to share with you not only my belief but my absolute knowledge that the word of God (ancient scripture + modern day revelation) is the greatest tangible evidence that God, our Heavenly Father loves us. 1 John 4 and Moroni 7 prove that. GOD IS LOVE. I know that these two witnesses of the divinity of our Savior changes lives. Together it allows the doctrine to be unmistaken. Don’t be intimidated to read the scriptures, read and let that spirit they bring shape you to desire to become better, more like our Savior. It’s so happy!
Doctrine and Covenant 90: 24 outlines the equation perfectly…if we search diligently the scriptures and truth, praying always and believing that goodness will come through the mercy and merits of the Savior, then are we promised that everything will work out for our good! As we walk uprightly with faith and make/ keep covenants or promises with God the outcome is guaranteed joy + direction + peace. My desires to follow God’s will has allowed for some pretty significant soul-stretching opportunities.
Keep lovin like you’ve never loved before!
Three cheers for life and the Gospel!
Sister Avery Miyahara
P.S. WE GOT ARRESTED THIS WEEK! HAND CUFFED, BELLY ON THE GROUND, M-16 (FOUR OF THEM) POINTED AT US. Mom, remind me to tell you the story on Mother’s day :) Don’t worry one sec about it though, it’s just the greatest missionary story and we're totally fiiiine. Endless laughs over it! Cant wait to tell you!!

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