Monday, April 21, 2014

Discovering Truth and Loving Every Minute of It. 4/21/14

HELLO! Who else is suffering from a sugar high/hang over/whatever you wanna call your body hating it’s self for what you put into it. On a total non-spiritual meaning of Easter note…I consumed far too much candy this past weekend. To my family, my sweet friends, and to the Acworth ward who aided in this overdose, thank you for making me fat….and happy!  I know it’s out of love : )
Now, for this week’s lessons learned. In essence of Easter weekend, I came to a newfound understanding of the ‘whys’ behind Christ’s agonizing sufferings, His crucifixion and ultimately the reality of the risen Lord.  We all will go through moments of our very own “Garden of Gethsemane.”  Life will bring us all to points where we hear ourselves crying out to our Father to “take this cup from me.” Even Jesus Christ had a moment of wanting to throw in the towel. But He didn’t give up; so therefore, we must not succumb to the limits we put on our own ability to endure.  Endurance is everything. When we decide to endure, we decide to trust God. We move forward with hope, believing the future will be better than the past or the present.
If you are going through a moment in the Garden, reach to the Savior who knows all and will ease all pain, regret, weakness, sickness or sin.  If you’re blessed not be in the Garden, help and lift those who may be. The story of Christ, the Good Sheppard leaving the ninety-nine to seek out, find and rescue the one has changed my mission and my life. When we decide to endure and help others endure too, oh how great shall be our joy.
There were some pretty awesome moments this week. DeAndre got baptized! Nikki got her temple recommend. Trish and mike AND terry come to church and loved every second of it. Members donated church clothes for our investigators to feel beautiful on Easter Sunday. God literally led two random people dressed in white shirts and ties to our church on Easter Sunday and they’re progressing and wanting to be baptized alongside their HUGE family. The Camacho's are seriously rad! My exchange with Sister Jones in the Mars Hill ward was nothing short of miraculous. It was sunny and happy and the ward spoiled us half to death with Easter goodies! Prepared people were found as we trusted, obeyed and prayed. Cartersville Zone Training rocked and President and Sister Harding preached on families and it was the coolest! The Chase family is God sent for Sister Iverson and me. The lists of “happys” are endless....
But yes, maybe I will forever remember this Easter weekend to have been a weekend spent in the Garden. Maybe it wasn’t for me, but for a friend. And just maybe, that decision I willfully made to leave the ninety nine and save or suffer with the one through their Garden has eternally impacted who I am and has made me stronger than I ever could have thought was possible. It is all worth it.
You can be someone’s savior in their moments in their Garden. It’s what the Savior would do and what He has already done.

love your little fighter girl,

sis miyahara

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