Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference + Pneumonia + Miracles + Love for the Epistles of Paul

As a missionary, General Conference weekend is as highly anticipated as Christmas morning or the last day of school before summer! Ha! Yaa, so what if I’m a goofy missionary who has been looking forward to this past weekend sense the last semi-annual conference in October! And the best part is…you can never be disappointed with general conference. We have twelve apostles! A prophet and counselors who hold the same apostolic keys! They address the world in every language! Their messages are heard from igloos to huts, they’re sounded in the four corners of the earth! Tell me…who wouldn’t be curious to see what was spoken of?! Tell me…who else claims to have such organized, inspired quorums of the seventy and of the twelve apostles?! We believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church. How cool is that? It’s not only cool but TRUE! So totally completely true. Don’t believe me?... you watch and pray for this confirmation of truth yourself.
Okay, I gotta slow down. I got really excited there. This week was different than the rest. To be totally clear, my poor companion has pneumonia and has been out like a dog since WEDNESDAY. It was spring break this past week so finding members to go on splits were impossible. I spent a lot of time making calls, planning, be crafty for our investigators and their baptismal calendars, cleaning, reading, writing, doing calf raises unconsciously, and so forth. Ya bored? Me too. But I’ve learned a very important lesson. God takes care of us. His grace is sufficient. All our most important lessons were made. Our investigators continued to progress. Trish watched conference at the church and told us “tears were falling down my face! I felt it from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes that these were the mouthpieces of God.” Nicole was elated! She said she was touched by the tender feelings of the spirit the entire conference confirming her question whether it was the true church or not. We arranged her baptismal program for this weekend over the phone and I could hear the change of her heart in her voice alone. How grateful I am that God’s words very cease. He continues to talk to us today through modern day prophets and apostles!
On another note, April fool’s day fell on district meeting and Sister Iverson and I syringed mayonnaise into some crème filled doughnuts.   The elders literally ate it all before saying “that tasted funny…it’s kinda salty…intresting…”  HA! Jokes on them. Sorry, elders gotta watch yo self! Oh ya and I read all the epistles of Paul this past week. Is it too inappropriate to say that I’d love my future husband to be like Paul? His faith, sincerity and loving reproof is fantastic! Yay for the atonement and leaving behind our past “dung” and devoting our future to Christ!
Shout of the Acworth ward for providing us food and love this week! Shout out to my fam bam for sending us the cutest/ yummiest Easter package with goodies galore that were all consumed while being constrained to our home.
My prayers never ending for the people I love herein Georgia and all the people I love at home. I hope you feel my love and know of my sure testimony that there is peace and joy and clarity in the light of Christ’s mercy and grace! Never forget how much you mean to Him, our Father.
Peace and Blessings to all y’all ;)

Sister Avery Miyahara

So much love from our ward members

Georgia Atlanta Mission with Elder Quentin L. Cook

April Fools Joke for the Elders

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