Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Confronting reality with God is pretty awesome! 5/5/14

It’s been quite a humbling yet a beautifully gratifying week. God gives us these sweet opportunities to be stretched, molded and changed. As I studying the atonement of Jesus Christ fervently this week, I found myself asking myself questions like… where is your heart at? How willing am I to change? How quick am I to respond to a prompting? Am I doing everything I can to serve the Savior well? What tends to hold me back or make me feel apathetic? And so forth. I’m doing more than I ever imagined I could, yet I know progression is endless! Such an beautiful doctrine.
Confronting reality with God is pretty awesome.
I came out on my mission to be pushed. I didn’t know much to expect but I knew I was leaving comfortable and embarking on everything uncomfortable. That was scary. But the Comforter, even the Holy Ghost has guided me each baby step of the way. The journey we are all walking may not be all in the light or the end clear at sight. God may allow one baby step to be illuminated without the next. But with faith, we take that step. That’s how my mission has been. Small baby steps of faith, simply trusting in the force guiding me forward.  It hasn’t been easy. But boy, it is a marvel to look back and rejoice in the journey achieved and the bright future ahead.
Sister Iverson and I will be staying in Acworth next transfer; however, we will be getting a new sister! We will be in a triple companionship for my last transfer : ) IM THRILLED to finish this nearly perfect mission in this ward/area I’ve grown to love to deeply. I’m so thankful right at this moment.
This week we had the greatest opportunity to go to the Atlanta Temple TWICE. God knew Sister Miyahara needed the solace of being in the Lord’s house. On Wednesday we went with Nikki for her first time to do baptisms for the dead (1 Corinthians 15: 29) (http://www.mormon.org/faq/baptism-for-the-dead).  RS President and first counselor- Sisters Petersen and Maney joined us as well as our ward mission leader- Brother Beckman. Missionaries typically never get this privilege to be in the temple with their recent converts BUT not only that, the temple workers asked us if we wanted to do baptisms. Sister Iverson declined but I JUMPED ON IT! YES! I got in a white jump suit with these women who have changed my life and had moments that I’ll cherish forever. We were the only group in this newly renovated baptistery. It was stunning. Angels surrounded us! The spirit was so strong. I felt so humbled to be a part of this all. I knew that this would still all happen with or without me because it was God’s will, but to be able to be there was a perfect taste of heaven. Nikki was baptized three weeks ago and now was able to perform baptism by proxy for 13 family names, real people who walked on this earth who now can accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and continue onward in righteous progression. So Cool
Then we had a temple trip/zone training meeting with all of us up here in Carterville. My mind was opened to glorious new insights and understandings! I was able to go through for one of my ancestors and I felt her sweet spirit with me the entire time. The reality of the temple ordinances hit me hard this week. God loves us so much. The temple is open to all who are willing to take those sanctification steps!
I’ve been putting my whole heart in this. It’s the best thing to be in the service of God. All I want to do is serve Him and bring glory to His name. I want to make sure I share this glorious good news to every person God puts in my path. I have desire like never before to surrender 100% of my will to His. I feel and see the spiritually wounded being healed each day and I couldn’t feel more humbled and blessed to be in Georgia. I love every second of it.
After testifying to our investigator, he looked at me dead in the eyes and said, “I believe everything you just said. I’ve never seen anyone glow like you do when you talk about your faith. I want that and I believe you sisters can offer me that. What can I do to glow like you do?” wow, was I humbled.  I felt so blessed and forever grateful for these moments where I can glory my God and thank Him for allowing me to embark on the uncomfortable and have it change my life.
I love you! See you on Sunday: ) Skype date wahoooo!!!
Sister Miyahara

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