Monday, March 17, 2014

The Power of Absolute Trust 3/17/14

Remember the story in the Old Testament of David and Goliath? That bible story hit home for me this past week. For a quick sum up (if your primary days or veggie tales memories don’t suffice), David is a puney little boy who fearlessly volunteers to take a shot at the Philistine, Goliath (a really really big dude who beats the crapola out of anyone who dares contend him). David had such great faith in the Lord that he gathered a couple smooth stones, grabbed his sling and moved forward. David ran at Goliath. He ran with total trust in the Savior! Goliath had to wonder why David was running towards him; he must have thought he could be running the other way.
Be like David! Be strong. God is with us! And for the coolest part…After he drew his sling and knocked down the big guy down on his back…he stood on top of him and (kinda gory but you know the OT…) slew off his head! That’s when goliath’s army turned around and ran. They got the heck out of David’s way! This is our destiny against evil forces. We can make our very own “Goliaths” in our life RUN away from us with our trust in God. How empowering our faith can be!
It’s been a week to remember. In my claims of being honest, I will say that I’ve been humbled this week. I’m increasing in focus when I try and wear the Lord’s lenses. His vision and sight is becoming clearer and more beautiful.
With my brother returning home from his mission, due to emotional ailments, I want to publically testify that God is merciful to those who extend mercy. I couldn’t be more proud of my brother, Blake. I know that God’s plan for us is perfect. He will guide our steps as we take them. I plead with all to heed the Savior’s counsel in Matt, Luke and 3 Nephi to, “judge not, that ye be not judged.”
Trials or “Goliaths” will come our way as long as we are on this earth. Mosiah 23: 21-24…it’s just how God makes us stronger.  But we gotta choose to keep our chin up with confidence in the Lord as well as our head bowed in prayer and humble submission to His will (which is always better, btw).  
Miracles have been rampant these past two weeks. I was blessed by learning from an apostle last weekend! Elder Cook of the quorum of the twelve taught us with the power and authority of God. When he stood at the pulpit and gave his apostolic witness that Christ lives, it was undeniable. 550 missionaries and I could have heard a pin drop. The spirit of the Lord is felt in moments of reverence. God is the author is peace. Satan can disguise excitement or thrill to be good but he can’t possibly fool us with that inner peace that is only present when the Lord’s light and truth is being discovered.
Julia and Nya Love were baptized this past weekend in Whitewater. They are a family that I know I knew in heaven.  How thankful I am for these moments out here. Moments that make me stop and stand all amazed. Moments like when your investigators try on church clothes and cries and says, “I feel beautiful. I never feel beautiful but I do in these clothes.  I can’t wait for Sunday to come.”  Moments of when a member looks at you and says, “the influence you sisters have had on this ward will leave a legacy of charity forever.” Moments when your brother tells you on the phone to, “put your head down and sprint through the finish line. GO! We’ll be with you real soon but right now, Georgia needs you more.”
My heart is happy and grateful. I hope you, mama, will have the most glorious birthday tomorrow! I hope all of us can be a little more Christ like and tweek our perception to align our vision with His. Have a fantastic week and remember who’s boss.
Sister Avery Miyahara

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