Tuesday, March 4, 2014

God Blessed Yesterday (and everyday, really!) 2/24/14

Sunday February 24, 2013
6:30am Missionary coordination meeting at the church with our ward mission leader and ward missionaries! We discuss the progress of our current investigators and other families we are working with. Brother Beckman talked about being "quick to observe" and how we need to be aware of opportunities to serve others and act on promptings from the Holy Ghost. I loved it! I'm inspired by the devotion of our WML and our ward missionaries. The members just rock!
7:30am Ward council with the stake leadership! President Chase discussed the chapters at the end of Alma and Moroni's continual "preparations." He connected it back to our own individual lives and the lives of our families and how we need to be continually making efforts to strengthen and fortify ourselves. This world is haywire! I needed the reminded to keep my lamp full of oil and to be prepared for the bridegroom! I was so inspired by the words of encouragement and passion of the work of salvation. The Cartersville stake it on the rise!
9:00am There is a family we have been working tirelessly with since we got here in November. I cant even put into words the love I have for the Goins family. I'd do anything for any of them! We've been trying to get them to come to church for months. They are some of our most reliable member team ups but just don't come to church, ever. On Sunday, the filled two entire pews. I just cried! And our investigator scheduled to be baptized next sat in between two of the less active siblings. Church service was powerful. Bishop Settle and President Chase spoke on the faith to act and do. I needed to hear it, for their words would give me motivation and strength later in the day. And can i just say, Sister Miyahara LOVES the acworth ward. Geez la weez, these people are my family! Again, I'd do anything for them. Anything!
1:00pm We headed over to the Coley's, a family in the ward who are stellar missionaries! We are teaching a handful of their referrals and they take care of us as if we were their own. While we were there, I ended up just making a bunch of calls in the other room. The most important call was with one of our progressing investigators set to be baptized but didnt come to church..again. *This is the part that the wisdom of my leaders at church really helped me* By sure guidance from on High we knocked into Angel and her family. They've been prepared like none ever I've seen. A few weeks prior to our knock, this random guy gave Ashley (Angel's sister) a Book of Mormon at Ross. So rando, huh?? We've taught them, done so much service for them, you've kept their commitments to read and pray but they wont come to church! So on the phone with Angel, I've never been so bold or so clear! I was devastated she didnt come to church, again! I felt like I was pleading to my own child to get up and take steps the Lord can correct! To put her faith into action and to quit putting limits on the Lord. I love that family too much to be okay with thier apathic attitudes when I so clearly see their potential! The blessings of heaven are at their reach! They just gotta claim them! Angel was receptive and sounded to have motivation and sincerity. All I could do was pray.
4:30pm ran into a former invesitgator we've been trying to get ahold of at the gas station. We just pulled up totally out of the blue, not intending to get gas and BAM there he was! The spirit was felt, return appt was set, and the Lord once again proved he was incharge!
5:00pm stake wide missioanry leadership call. wow, I'm amazed at the unity of the Lord's work. I'm so blessed to be apart of it all. A bishop from Texas who works with President Chase joined us to give some suggestions of what have worked in his ward in Texas. Wow, this man was inspiring! The missionaries there are inspiring! This work is catching rapid fire all over the world! It's just incredible.
6:00pm The Settle's (Bishop's family) fed us dinner and even picked up our investigator to join us! This family blows my mind. 5 crazy awesome kids and two inspiring parents. I love being in their home! It's loud and exciting and filled with home made goodness. Our lesson after dinner answered so many questions that only I was having. We all were able to teach in unity by the spirit and it was pretty incredible. And I thought that was the end to fantastic missionary day!
10:20 After we had reported to our district leaders on our indicators for the week, we were getting ready to go to bed when our phone rang. It was Angel! She asked if we had a minute, psh please, we always have a minute to talk to the people most important to us! She goes on to tell me to flip to page 287 in the Book of Mormon. Then she goes, "I did like you told me. I prayed and God gave me this page. The words on this page jumped out and had Sister Miyahara and myself all over it. I know this Book is God's because I prayed and He answered me." She continues on to bear testimony with tears and say that she promised God that she will be at church next Sunday and then asks if she could share her experience at church...next Sunday is fast and testimony meeting! wow. She then says she's gonna write all her feelings down cause she gets stage fright and wants us to proof read it later today! I just cried! I was so grateful for the words of my priesthood leaders who inspired me to be so bold with her, and that she so courageously acted and the result was nothing short of miraculous! I'm just merely an instrument in His mighty hands. This is the most fulfilling work a human could be laboring in.
This break down of yesterday also represents the miracle week we were blessed with. I wish I could share with you all the glorious experiences but it would take an eternity to type them all. Just know that the Lord is aware of us. He requires our faith to act and once we do, we are so blessed! Life is easier that way. I promise.
All my love,
Sister Miyahara!
p.s. blake, i love you! Pittsburg doesnt know whats comin!

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