Monday, March 10, 2014

Picture week!

Hi Everyone,

Avery wasn't able to write a shareable email letter today. But she did send some great pictures to forward to all of you.  She is doing great!  She is really excited about an upcoming baptism of a very dear friend and daughter who she taught in her last area. Julia and Nya will be baptized this Saturday.  She is sad she won't be able to be there but she is an "emotional mess of happiness" for them.

Mini "Apples to Apples" Ha! Classic, right? crazy mormons!

When six sister missionaries go out to eat!

Yard work at our favorite Camacho's - coolest family!

Cheers to some miracles at McyD's

Oh how I love my dear sweet companion!

Cartersville Sisters <3

SO many birthdays this week!  This was only one days worth of celebrations!

Sista friends before hearing from Elder Cook

Porch-side preaching' in the South!  nothin' better!

Okay, How Weird Am I??  Happy Birthday O*lando!

Miller seminary

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