Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Few Things I Know For Sure 3/3/14

This week rocked, like seriously it was the bomb.diggity and I’m just giddy at the library to tell ya about it!! Every week I’m flooded with increased understanding and joy and gratitude but for this email I’ll share some specific things I’ve grown in testimony of this past week.  
1.  “Honesty is the best policy” is TRUTH. It’s kind of funny. Out here on a mission you grow so much in such limited time that recognizing changes and improvements is crazy! I’ve never been so bold, so clear, and so honest in my life.  I forget! Was I like this pre-mishy? I don’t know! But I know I am now haha and it’s blessed me, my companionship, my zone, everything so much! Why beat around the bush? The Savior surely didn’t sugar coat, He taught doctrine with so much love. In life, especially in this day and age, we need valiant and honest people; people who believe something with conviction and who will bring integrity to the table. Through multiple experiences this week, I know that honest integrity will bring about a change in your heart and the hearts of those you love.
2. Tide > cheap detergent. Just don’t even attempt to save a couple bucks. Not worth it!
3. Helaman 3:35 defines my week. Look it up!
4.  The Lord knows whose coming in and out of our lives. He is perfectly aware of our needs and sends people our way to do what He would do if He were here.  One thing is for sure, He blessed me with my companion, the Chase Family and President and Sister Harding. This week I needed their love, counsel, and wisdom. I know that when we read that we can be “instruments in God’s hands” we literally can! We can be and we can also recognize others as such. Humility brings miracles! My pride detox has been a continuous success! Hurray!
5. Chiptole in GA is a tender mercy and the Camacho’s ordered some and we stuffed our faces, again! Goodness me, happiness from home in a burrito!
6. Carrying my Book of Mormon with me everywhere I go is the greatest, ever! It just makes me happier. Sounds silly but so totally true! When I read and share itàI grow in love for my Saviorà which makes me want to serve othersà then I’m happy! The pattern of love then desire to service and then total joy is real and the key is filling in the first ingredient to kick start our love of God. It’s healthy to reflect on our actions and ask ourselves, is this making me love God more? And if the answer is no, then quit it! Whatever it is will only bring disappointment. I know that the little actions we take will make all the difference in our entire attitude and countenance.
7. The Lord requires diligence, persistency and obedience. When we show Him we’re down to do His will, miracles happen! Angel came to church yesterday. She even bore her testimony! We’ve invited her to church probably a few hundred times and yesterday was her day. Her day to finally feel like peace and love she desired but fearfully withheld. My fortune at the best Latin/Asian restaurant in GA said, “Every effort you’re making will ultimately pay off.” COOL, huh? I loved it. Already glued in my smash book!
8. Going through 7 phones and numerous phone numbers in a month is quite the adventure. Phones don’t swim and Sprint network is...accomidating..over time. ha!
All is well here in Georgia! Weather is still madness but hey, I just love here!
Until next week,

Sister Avery Miyahara!

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