Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pride D e t o x 2/18/2014

This past week’s weather forecast was snow showers, freezing rain, TWO EARTHQUAKES and today it’s 70 degrees and beautiful and my freckles are coming out to play! Holy Hannah Montana is this nuts or what?! I LOVE Georgia. Can I be a missionary in the South forever? Gah i wish!
To begin, I’ll share a quick story which will wrap all my sporadic thoughts together! So we’re at this Christian bookstore at the beginning of the week to get our recent coverts names embossed into their beautiful new leather scriptures when the store manager refused to serve us because they would be on Book of Mormons. He made a sly comments like, “So where are you from, Utah??” with a roll of his eyes. Going on to inform us that it was a “Christian book store” to serve their fellow “Christians”
 *deep breaths sister Miyahara, deep breaths*
There isn’t anything more gratifying then bearing pure testimony of the reality and divinity of the Savior Jesus Christ. I so badly wanted to be rude and make some sassy comment to the guy. My pride was kinda raging. But I felt like a got a smidge of what the Savior must of felt during his trials near the conclusion of His earthly ministry. The concept of “being still” and “holding my peace” was experienced. For which I am grateful! We are here to be tried and when we are given those opportunities to suck up our pride and attempt to do as the Savior would, we are strengthen and rejoice His goodness and mercy! And after that experience...WE FOUND A CHIPOTLE!!!! And I stuffed my face with a chiptole bowl with chips, thank you very much!  
Something cool about serving a mission and having 6 week transfer periods is that every month and a half, it's like staring a new year! And what does New Years bring? Self reflection, resolutions, goals! So this week as we kick started this new transfer I decided I needed to embark on a DETOX! A pride detox!
In the scriptures we read time and time again about this pattern of prideful hearts and their inevitable doom to destruction. Dramatic but true, people! I thought about the warning from the Lord in D+C 38, “Beware of pride, lest ye become as the Nephites of old.” So my game plan was to detox myself of things inside and out that cause me to feel prideful, better, above others. Acknowledging pride in ourselves is a tough pill to swallow. But I’m learning that when we are prideful, we cant be united and unless we are “one” are we not His. The experience at the Christian bookstore compelled me to be humble. So, I made a chose this week to detox myself of selfishness, envy, and pride and humbly resubmit my will to God’s.
We had a lesson this week with a large family from the Dominican Republic. Our inspired member team up is the coolest and is a life coach/super mom from Mexico. In that lesson, nothing I said mattered. The Spirit that was fostered by the faith of those in that house was what mattered. When Sister Estrada said the closing prayer so beautifully in Spanish, I could not help by cry! Not only was the spirit thick, but thoughts of Nicoley, Madeline, Erika, and so many others bearing witness of these same truths around the world really hit me. 83,000 and counting young people with black name tags in the four quarters of the earth preaching the Gospel…pretty spectacular. Pretty humbling! I just feel lucky to be here; blessed to be a part of this hastening. The saying “when must is given, much is required” brought a new light this week. I’m here to give it my all. Time is flying and I refuse to serve a day in Georgia with regrets.
I love y’all. For all the evers!
Sister Miyahara!
P.s. Linda Deyton is the bomb.com and when you reads this, you better know how much I luhhh you and that you're my good Christian sista for always and that your spunk is the most refreshing part of my days. And before you know it, you'll be in the water...a mormon woman! Just you wait :) Claim your blessing, my friend!
P.s.s BLAKEY I LOVE YOU!!!! You rock. Keep lighting up the MTC! I'm cheering for you everyday!!

One of my most favorite families in the whole world!  Garen came home from Afganistan!  Wahoo!


A big kiss to ya'll

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