Monday, February 3, 2014

For the LOVE of Georgia 1/27/14

For the LOVE of Georgia 1/27/14
One of my favorite questions I get asked on the reg goes something like this, “so wait, what are you doing in out here and why Georgia?!” It’s one of my fav questions because it’s my favorite to answer!
I love look curious people in the eye and with the biggest smile tell them that God has again reached out in love to us His children on each by calling a living prophet! Christ’s church has again been restored from its perfect form a prophet and 12 apostles lead His church again today! And that all 80,000+ of us missionaries around the world sent in sort of a general application to the prophet and apostles and individually they commune with the Lord in where each servant of the Lord should labor in His vineyard! I was called of God to be here in Georgia. I agreed to “leave behind all other personal affairs” and give my all to the Lord and His work. We pay to be here; and are rewarded in rich blessings of happiness, safety and love and everything good! We wake up at 6:30, study for 2-3 hours and from about 10am-9pm we are serving others, sharing the Gospel, inviting others to come unto Christ, and doing as Christ would if He were in Acworth.
The curious person is typically speechless after we answer. They’re at a loss of words because we are so kooky! Never have they ever met people so devoted to something so selfless. If people gave the missionaries a minute to simply state why they are there, hearts will be softened. We saw that this week over and over and over again. It’s so incredible be out here and to confidently express my absolute surety of my sacred calling as Sister Miyahara at this time in my life. In all reality (how heart breaking it will be) the tag will have to come off eventually but the trust/love/testimony I’m developing is forever. The message we share is forever. The promises we make to God and Him in return are forever. As I think with an eternal perspective, my desire for worldly pleasures, temporary satisfactions, and selfish habits are gone.  I desire to be the best I can be and I only can become that through my Savior, Jesus Christ.
THIS WEEK ROCKED. Jonathan spoke at Stake Conference! The Acworth ward is incredible. Angel (our investigator) said this regarding the Book of Mormon, “every word in this book is true. It’s legit. I don’t question it for a second.” We met this 22 year old, Paul at the library two weeks ago and he is getting baptized this Saturday! It's cold, really cold but the ward looks out for us :) I'm learning so much about myself as I learn so much about God and His Gospel. I’m thankful for the goofy laughs and tearful testifying moments. I'm so thankful for my family and my friends! How blessed am I! I hope all will love the Lord and accept His sweet invitation to come unto Him.
All my love!

Sister Miyahara

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