Monday, February 10, 2014

Some of God's Greatest Gifts

One of my dear sweet companions, Sister Hailey Nelson, taught me mostly everything I know about missionary work and just being a Christ-like person but something she helped me realized that has altered my perception and brought a new sense of appreciation is the fact that some of God’s greatest gifts to us here on earth are people! This week proved that. I’m filled with such gratitude when I think about the people in my life. How grateful I am to be surrounded with such fun, such positivity and such charity. Here are some “God is blessing me with these people!” moments this week
:: Zone training kicked off this week to a phenomenal start. I’m constantly blown away by the missionaries serving here. I have so much to learn from them so whenever we get a chance to get all together, I’m stoked. The theme of the meeting was “a perfect missionary day” and we broke down all the aspects of the work we must be accomplishing each day. Breaking down the challenging tasks allows us to take a breather and realize we can totally do hard things!
:: About a month ago I was so blessed to run into Sister Heinhold (RS president) in the Lost Mountain ward at the Bishop’s store house. Because we can’t use our phone to contact those outside our area, we picked a date and a time and she invited the RS women go to lunch with me up here in Acworth! I walked into BBQ Street and instantly tears were brought to my eyes. A long table filled with people who have changed my life, people who will eternally mean everything to me. It meant SO much to me that these good people whom I love so dearly, love me too that they would travel up to Acworth to spend their afternoon with me. Wow. I’m still speechless at the degree of love I feel for those Lost Mountain families! Mission are so incredible. It’s terrible to think that, what if I didn’t serve? What if I just stayed home and continued college? I wouldn’t be ½ the person I am because of the good people I’ve learned from on my mission! Shout out to my Lost Mountain family!
:: This week’s exchange was nothing short of wonderful. I was in Mars Hill with Sister Jones and wow this sister is inspired. We found the greatest people prepared for the gospel. It’s crazy.  Imagine it…you’ve been welcomed into a complete stranger’s home and the Spirit is directing your words 100% because you don’t know these people and it’s absolutely perfect. Moments of pure light and understanding edified all present and it’s just happy! How grateful I am for total strangers who in a 30 minute lesson have made an impact on me forever. Miracle of exchanges, I tell ya! The best.
:: I love Acworth…the members, our investigators, and the people we randomly meet each day.  I love them! HEY! FUN NEWS, SISTERS WATTS AND I WILL BE HERE ANOTHER TRANSFER :) I’m learning so much. I’m becoming someone I didn’t know was in me. I love my companion, for ever and ever. We have the same brain and are experiencing such incredible moments of joy and growth. I’m grateful for the missionaries that serve alongside us here in Acworth. These elders have taught me more about being “lost in the work” than anyone. Ah! It’s just the best!
:: Saving the best for last, my dear family.  Blakey leaves for the MTC this week! I can’t help but want to reach through the screen and squeeze your face off, Blake. I love my mighty Miyahara’s with every fiber of this heart of mine. Know that I love you endlessly and think/pray for you unceasingly! Keep up all the good you’re doing. How proud I am to be a Miyahara! Forever! And ever! Thank Heaven for eternal families because mine is the coolest ;)
I’ve loved this verse in D+C 130 since the first time I read it preparing for my farewell talk last year. It says, “The same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there, only it will be coupled with eternal glory, which glory we do not now enjoy.” Wow! Isn’t that just incredible? I can’t even fathom the joy that is to come. So let’s all just keep trying our best. It’s all we can do…try! And thankfully His grace will be sufficient.

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