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The Greatest Week Thus Far! 2/3/14

The Greatest Week Thus Far ! 2/3/14
Holy heckyy where do I even start?! This week was INSANE! All of metro Atlanta was paralyzed but you know what…the work of the Lord wasn’t! Each week comes new adventures, new lessons learned and renewed devotion to the Lord. But this week is one for the books!
It all went down at district meeting when an elder opened the back door during a training and yelled “it’s snowing!” We all ran outside and jumped for joy! We were called to HOTlanta for pete’s sake, not Russia! It was 15 degrees and dropping and you know what that means…ice ice, baby!
District meeting quickly was wrapped up and we had planned to go on exchange with the sisters in Dallas. Having faith…or just ignorance, we decided to carry out the exchange anyway with me and Sister Mcfarlane(my fellow orange county sista!!) going to her area of Dallas. We got to their apartment and realized that driving wouldn’t be an option. The whole city was in shams!
We had to make a decision. Take a lazy day of scripture reading and journal writing in their warm apartment OR layer up and get to work. Easy answer. And off we went!
Day 1 Miracle. Bundled up in layers with our name tags in clear view, we began serving others where ever we could find. Being that they live in a big apartment complex at the bottom of a hill, there was plenty of people who needed an extra hand. How joyful it was to be “an answer” to so many prayers, just by simply deciding to look outward rather than inward.  We started talking to this mom, Katie, as she waited for her 7 year old daughter’s bus to arrive. The Lord was allowing us to be an instrument in His hands. She held in a lot of guilt and shame, was burden down by fears as a loving mother in a tumultuous world…and the gospel was her answer.
In the essence of the moment we shared the scripture in Isaiah 1:18, “Though your sins may be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” For the hour we talked under the mailbox cover, our faces froze but our hearts were warm. She is so excited for her and her family to be baptized next month! And get this, her mother lives in Acworth and was thrilled that I could go share with her mom what we shared with her on that snowy day.
Day 2 Miracle. Yes, day two. We were not able to exchange back. Like I said, all of metro Atlanta was paralyzed for a couple days. These southerners can’t handle a little bit of snow. A neighboring member said that in 3 surrounding counties they only had 2 salt trucks/snow plows.  Yikes! We’d have to wait for some sun! But it sure didn’t hold Sister McFarlane and me! We rejoiced at another day to find and serve!
As we were sliding down a frozen neighborhood street (my steve madden brown boots were perfect ice skates that day!) We saw three siblings playing in the snow! Perfect, families! Our favorite! Two sisters (13, 16) and a brother (10) were all captivated with the Book of Mormon and the message of the Restoration. The 16 year old cut me off as asked what website she can go inside and go on to purchase a copy. If that isn’t a sincere desire and real intent, I don’t know what is! All three were so enthused to come to church to be baptized and to learn more! We even did a little cheer for Jesus!
This experience reminded me of the verse in D+C  11:3, “The field is white already to harvest; therefore, whoso desireth to reap let him thrust in his sickle with his might, and reap while the day lasts, that he may treasure up for his soul everlasting salvation in the kingdom of God.” I committed to labor for the Lord every precious day I get to be entrusted with this work in Atlanta, Georgia. Regardless of the weather, the work must go forth! And I fully believe that with that attitude, brings the most joy!
Missions really do magnify your strengths but more noticeably you’re weaknesses. As I gain greater perspective of who God our Father truly is, I’m in utter awe.  I’ve never trusted God so much, ever. Honestly, because I have never really had to like I do out here. So I welcome every opportunity to grow, every opportunity to be reminded how great our God is. Thank the high heavens He is in charge…if we let Him.  He will show us the way, but we gotta take the steps. So take the steps this week; Let the Alrighty correct them if needed, but take the steps. There are no short cuts to eternal life.
Paul was baptized this weekend in Acworth AND my sweet Paula was baptized in the Whitewater ward (my last area). I’m overcome with gratitude and love! Miracles are all around when we trust in God :)
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PEOPLE!  I love you, a lot.

Sister Miyahara!

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