Monday, January 20, 2014

How is it done? and I've been out a YEAR!?!

Could this mission I’m on get any better? Week after week, it only gets better!

 Today I was inspired to talk about Enos, he’s incredible.  His 2.5 page scriptural sermon and story in the Book of Mormon could be the model for our life and we would receive miracle after miracle.  He asked, "Lord, How is it done?"  This was a question in his prayer, he wanted to know how his sins had been "forgiven" and how he would be "blessed". The ANSWER THAT CAME TO HIM from the Lord was:  Because of thy faith in Christ!

This week, the effects of great faith proved to be real and undeniable. Jonathan was baptized and oh what a happy day that was. We knocked on his door and three weeks later he received a full remission of sins and was endowed with power for the gift of the Holy Ghost! His family even drove down from North Carolina to support him on his special day. They were touched by the spirit and as were all the other loads of people who came out to support him. Wanna know something funny? Jonathan asked Sister Watts and I to sing at his baptism…we did..WE SANG AT THE PULPIT…a mission really stretches you to do things you would never ever ever do otherwise haha. And it wasn’t even half horrendous! Anyway, we put Jonathan on the spot and asked him to bear his testimony after he was baptized and his closing line “The Lord lead me to His church, sent me these two (Sister Watts and I), and now here I am. I’m ready to serve God. Lets do this!” It was so happy! The Spirit testifying that this was pleasing to God was real and undeniable.

This week we piled into Bro Goin’s handicapped van with 3 less actives and 3 nonmembers and sang hymns and we cried because the Spirit was bursting in that van! We taught 20 member present lessons, most of which in member’s home and they changed my life. I’ve only grown in conviction of testimony that Joseph Smith restored Christ’s church today and that the Book of Mormon is evidence of it. I was blessed to go on an exchange with Sister Tavenner in my area of Acworth and after the exchange she remarked that this ward needs to be in The District 3. Amen to that! Ah! Everything is just so happy!

I learned this week that we need have the faith to ASK then comes the need for faith to ACT. Enos asked and the Lord responded because He could count on the fact that Enos would act. In my studies and thoughts this week, I had to ask myself if the Lord can count on me to ask. But firstly, do I have sufficient faith to ask God specific questions, expecting Him to answer. Why can I be fearful at times for God’s answers that I know will come with me asking? Am I scared of God’s will? I sure hope not. I know that as we trust in God, asking Him in frequent and specific prayer…answers will come. They’ve come like rapid fire this week and it’s my testimony today that if we will just have that desire to improve and see miracles in our lived, God will guide us, step by step! Choose God! Every day.  

This week I celebrated my year mark out here! This celebration of being on the Lord’s errand will be forever! I love you all so SO much and know that I feel the power of your prayers.

Sister Avery Miyahara! 

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  1. Happy one year to one of the most fabulous young ladies I know! And those photos? Simply the best... Avery style!