Monday, November 25, 2013

Not only did Katnis catch fire this week….. 11/25/13

Not only did Katnis catch fire this week 11/25/13……………..
Truth be told, there has been a zone I’ve prayed not to be sent to. When I found out I was being transferred and still “STL”ing, this zone was out of the picture because the STL over there was rocking it. When President called transfer assignments, I wasn’t even really paying attention during this zone’s call because I wouldn’t be sent there. “Opening up a sister’s area, training and continuing as Sister Training Leader in Acworth, Cartersville Zone, Sister Miyahara and Sister Watts” I turned to the sister next to me and asked if he just said my name and with great shock, I stood up confused and concerned. And when I sat back down my stomach dropped and I had the first somewhat panic feeling I’ve had on my mission.  I instantly prayed, begging my Father for peace, assurance, greater faith then forgiveness for my doubt…because wall-a, course the Lord’s plan is always better!
Sister Watts and I jumped into our new Chevy Cruise and headed up to Carterville. We were told that President Harding felt strongly impressed that we needed to temporarily live at the Stake President’s home. So we pulled up to President Chase’s home and BAM it hit me! I had met him and his sweet wife at the regional Relief Society conference I spoke at with Sister Burton!! He even recognized me. Holy moly, tender mercy! Insta-friends! We moved our stuff in and wow, it just felt so right.
I’ve LOVED every single second of our time so far in the Acworth ward.
Our short 4 days here has been packed with miracle after miracle. I couldn’t be happier. K im gonna try to sum up just a couple stories

::Day 1 we met with the Relief Society President and 1st counselor. After getting to know each other and expressing our great enthusiasm for this work Sister Petersen (RS President, an angel!!) said with tears in her eyes, "God knows me and He loves me because He sent me you sisters."

::We visited a part member family, bomb! Set up return appt for this week. She (nonmember) gave us a referral to her neighbor, Gracie. We went on over and had the most inspired lesson with Gracie.  She wants to be baptized and do whatever the Lord wants her to do. She gave us a referral, her daughter! So we visited her. We knocked and her husband opened the door and welcomed us right in! We sat down with them and got right into the beautiful restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They had said 2 days ago, “If we were to join any church, it would be the Mormon church.” Barbra accepted to be baptized and her husband will get there too. So many “I love yous” were exchanged. Barbra said to me at the conclusion of our lesson, “I think we were friends before. I think you’re the answer to my prayers.”

::Every night we’ve been here there has been some sort of a ward activity. Before Sunday we already knew by name so many families. These families are incredible! So much love overflows just talking to them. During Relief Society on Sunday, desserts were shared as we introduced ourselves to celebrate the prayed arrival of sister missionaries. So blessed and humbled it just doesn’t seem right.
::We called over 100 members of the ward: active, less active, part members, etc. Our planners are full of appointment of families thrilled to have sisters in this ward. Never has this ward has sisters, ever! Our ward mission leader told the ward during ward council, "these sisters are novelty items now, their spirits will make them legends here"
::Living at the Chase home is changing my life. The compassion, love, and goodness in that home radiate the whole neighborhood. President and Sister Chase have become like parents and their youngest daughter, Catie, is our third companion sister. Their entire family is in town for the holidays and last night we circled around grandma on the piano and sang hymns so happily. I took a step back and thought to myself, this is exactly what I want for my future, a family and home centered around the Savior and His perfect teachings.

The Acworth ward has caught fire! I couldn’t feel more thankful during this Thanksgiving week. We'll be spending it with the greatest family ever :) I'm just at a loss of words. God knows best. I was silly to ever pray away this place. The sisters we are working work are inspiring! My heart grows a new chamber every day. Trust in the Lord, trust Him forever...I've decided I will and that decision will shape my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all! Gobble till you wobble :)
Sister Miyahara

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