Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A List of Loves! 11/4/13

Okay so this morning I feel like I’m experiencing a spiritual hang over from this past week! Haha that’s probably not the most appropriate comparison but like holy crapola THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME. Because I love love and I love lists, I’m gonna make a list for y’all of reasons I loved this week so bam here ya go! (Happy belated Halloween BTDUBZ) (Quick disclaimer: these are both temporal and spiritual…D+C 29:3, right?) okay ready, break! 
::Concord Village Apartments is stepping up their game and we had workers in and out all week long installing new cabinets, spraying from pest control nast, replacing door knobs, etc! It’s fantastic! They even repaved the asphalt! AND on top of that our lovely neighborhood kid friends call us the “church ladies” and I love it (and the creepy men still whistle and say “eyyy sista miya” but I’m over that).  A new family moved in this week and literally every time they needed help we were walking by. It’s now a joke and they call us the “avengers”  haha I love people and helping people and did I say loving people enough yet?
::SKYLER AND  NICOLAS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! These are Mary’s kids and they’re the cutest. When I wrapped the towel around Skyler and asked her how she felt she simply said, “I feel warm.” That sweet 10 year old girly has a beautiful future in store for her! It was such a glorious baptism. So many of the ward members came out to support.
::I LOVE driving our brand new 2013 VW Jetta and we were 56 miles under our limit this month. Can you say master planners or what? I have a dream catcher on the rear view mirror and we jam to hymns (LOL I’m dead serious).
 ::I picked up reading Jesus The Christ again this week and it’s changing my life. SO good. Highly recommend it, don’t be intimidated!
 ::K so this was the sweetest thing! There is this less active in our ward who owns the cutest boutique and we decided it would be appropriate to go visit her on a non-pday and you know, “build a relationship of trust” and what better to do that over the cutest clothes ever?? But the funny part was the music that was playing…okay I am not joking or making even a smig of this up!!!! These are the artists (totally blanking on song names, what else is new?) in order of what was playing 1. Ingrid Michaelson (okay my fav FHE when we saw her in concert with the fam and Kyle) 2. Fine Frenzy (her main song of her newest album that Nicoley, Chlo and I went to see her on that album’s tour right before my mission!!) 3. First day of my life (OLIVIA, I died a little) 4. Noah and the Whale (Concert I went to with BYU friends over Thanksgiving break at HOB in downtown Disney). UNREAL. I was dying and totally loving that little tender mercy. But the best part of all, I was talking with everyone and just like dancing in this boutique and we got 3 new investigators out of it! 3 new people who wanted to hear about the restored gospel as I sang and danced along to background music hahaha so happy!
::HALLOWEEN!!! Best evening ever, let me just say…GOLF CART MANIA IN PTC!  So our member fellowershipper family (the Mayfields) invited our investigator family over to their house for Halloween (so obvs us too). They’re from Haiti and it was their first time trick or treating! The Mayfield’s set up this awesome arrangement with a fire pit thing in their driveway for s’mores! It was Manoucheca’s first time having a s’more and it was THE FUNNIEST THING…she hated it! Haha I guess us Americans are a little wacky? Who matters, I love them but goodness me that was so funny watching her eat that s’more with such hesitation. And ya there were golf carts GALORE! I guess it’s an effect way to trick or treat? So funny. Only here!
 ::I got so much mail this week from so many people I love so dearly. But the best of all…It was the busiest day ever and I was exhausted and we came home, flipped on the light and there was a letter on the floor that was slipped under our door from some mysterious person and I didn’t have to read the name, I knew from the hand writing…sweet JORDAN LEE GUNDERSEN : ) Some how it ended up on my apartment floor after a long hard working day and I danced around and squealed at the polaroid of logan, mikay, and sam bam in Seattle! Such a treat! Thank you, dear sweet friends of mine!
 :: Miracle lessons teaching the Restoration and using the Prophet’s (Joseph Smith) own words. My companion and I have been trying to memorize a lot of JS’s accounts, not just the first vision and we used them this week and it was so powerful. There is something so moving about those words that allow the Spirit to undeniably speak truth to anyone ready to accept truth.
 ::So I was forced to go to the Doctors office and truth is, I’ve been sick for like 3 weeks now but dat don phase me ; ) Until I found out Doc is certain I have mono. I’ll get a blood test after my sinus infection antibiotics run out so we’ll see! But there was so much good in that Doctor’s visit! I loved all the workers, such good people! We got 2 new investigators out of it. They messed with me and I just laughed and laughed and HEY! Guess what, they weighed me and since my doctors appt the first week I was in Georgia…I’ve only gained 6.5 lbs, baby! Not even bad! OHH how could I forget, more funny background song stories! So I’m waiting for the doctor to come in when I realize there was music playing and what is it? HEY JUDE (okay senior year Homecoming half time show)…next song JOHN MAYER- OLIVA (you know, “I think something like Olivia…” DYING)…THEN on comes the Dixie Chicks Earl had to die song (BROOKIE STAPLELOTS I FREAKED OUT AND STARTED DOING OUR DANCE). Like what the heck? No coincidence. Heavenly Father really has a sense of humor.
 ::It’s SO beyond words beautiful here in Peachtree City during this time of year. All the leaves are radiant reds, oranges and yellows; the crisp breeze and wintery clothes I can wear are such a joy! It’s just a painting every time I open my eyes. Georgia in the fall, nothing quite like it!
 Excuse that lengthy list but it really was just a glorious week! I realize that if I stopped loving the world wouldn’t be half as wonderful as I see it to be. If you struggle to love, I humbly suggest praying for some because you’re missing out! I’m happy about life and excited for eternity! 
Love lots!
Sis Miyahara

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