Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm a missionary? I am a missionary! 10/28/13

This week has been incredible! Experience after experience, miracle after miracle led me to constantly think to myself, “what in the heck? Is this real life? Am I actually a missionary?”I thought about what makes me a missionary. Sure, I wear a black name tag and a skirt every day but what is it that makes me love being a missionary so much? I can be gone for 18 months, going about doing missionary things for 18 months but it doesn’t necessarily make me a true missionary, servant of the Lord. And how do I/we become missionaries? And it all took me back to the idea I always harp on… becoming… changing… repenting… loving…submitting my heart to the Lord. This is His mission and I merely am a humble servant of Him. In this life, especially in this work, it’s not enough simply to do, we must become.
This week’s top 3 “wow, I’m a missionary!” moments
1.       I shook Elder Oak’s (apostle of the Lord) hand, hugged his sweet wife, and sat front row listening to them address the Georgia Atlanta Mission and Atlanta North Mission. 550 missionaries gathered in a chapel to listen to the Oak’s, the Soares’ (presidency of the seventy), and Elder Giddens (area seventy) speak to us. We stood and sang “Hark, all Ye Nations” and it stood there in total awe. Tear swelled up in my eyes and I couldn’t have felt more proud to be a missionary, honored to be in the presence of such servants of the Lord, and at such inner peace. Their words of counsel were inspiring but more importantly what they said brought in the spirit in such a degree that taught us from on High. It was just a remarkable morning.
2.       “The boys” of Concord is what we refer to them as. They are 3 BFFs. HOOD RATS. Like, ya total hood rats. Well they accepted a baptism date and could be more thrilled about the gospel. A few days later, one of them flew to Arkansas to be with his father we hadn’t seen in years in the ICU. We were able to send over missionaries in Little Rock to give him and his father comfort and a blessing. He was so grateful for the powerful and truthfulness of this gospel and its members. He said the Christ words, “by their fruits ye shall know them,” define you Mormons. It was awesome.
3.       We were singing up on the stand with our ward’s choir after our meeting with Bishop and 30 minutes before church starts our investigator family walks in. This family is so special. They’re from Haiti and we had such powerful lessons with them this week but they would not commit to coming to church. I swear I think I invited them 10 times to church and each time was “not this week.” So when Sister Hebert and I saw them come in with jumped up and ran to them! I don’t think I’ve had such a happy surprise in my life! They came, they loved it, they promised they’d come next week J  
Missionary work is a privilege and that is why I feel so much joy every day.  Our success surely isn’t ever due to me. I couldn’t possibly ever claim a margin of credit for these miracles we experience. I’m nothing. I’m the dust of the earth! But with the Spirit of God, I’m submitting myself to a higher power-God’s power! And that’s the most intelligent decision I could ever make.
Hip hip horray for today!
Love, Sis. Miyahara
P.s. I was so blessed to get my teeth cleaned fo freeee!!! And guess what mom? NO CAVITIES! The Lord is blessing me in more ways than one :) 

Angry Birds Mutual activity - how cute is our investigator Nako?

Teaching the Plan of Salvations on the streets of Concord (Thanks Britt for the cutouts!!)

Ahhh Heaven!

P-day Study - Thought y'all might want to see how lovely a missionary's desk is!  I love mine.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my little piece of home.

Snap Chats!!!

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