Monday, November 18, 2013

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes! 11/18/13

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes!
Well, I’m being transferred. Opening up a new area (which has never had sisters!!), training, and Sister Training Leading. Ha! Me oh my, imma die. jk totally stoked!
This week has been nothing more of miraculous. I truly feel as though the Lord picked me and Sister Hebert up this week and allowed us to be astonished by His unceasing miracles. The people here are just wonderful. We talk to everyone and every person we talk to, I am blown away by their faith in the Savior. This is a land of miracles. God is in the city of Atlanta. I love how we can talk to anyone, anywhere about the merciful power of Christ. I wish the entire world had this kind of passion and faith to just open up and bare their testimonies anytime anywhere. I could give two poops if you’re a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Mormon, "black white, bond or free, male or female" (2 Nephi: 27:33)! I’m gonna talk to you about the fullness of the restored church and I’m gonna love you! We are commanded to love others as He loves us. That is perfect love! There is no room for judgment or gossip. We have to love each other.
I want to take a hot sec to thank some people who changed my life. The Whitewater Ward is fantastic! I’ve been blown away by the charity and kindness of the families in this ward.  Thank you to Bishop Kennedy who unfailingly makes anyone feel like best friends and who truly cares about the work of salvation in this ward. Thank you RS presidency who loves the women in this area to a degree that is Godly. Thank you ward mission leader and the rest of the ward missionaries who made missionary work a priority in the hectic of their lives. Thank you to the senior couples in this area who gave me the support I so desperately needed at times. Sister Rose, Huffaker, Seeley and Harding have taught me more than they will ever know about how to be a dignified, real, vibrant, charitable daughter of God.  And thank you to our dear investigators and recent converts. I’m getting emotional typing here trying to put into words the powerful spiritual experiences I’ve been blessed to experience with y’all in just a short 3 months. It’s amazing how the Lord hand crafts relationships and I sure have been blessed here in the whitewater ward.
So, here we go again! On to total new news this holiday season : ) This mission is everything to me and I’ll go and do whatever the Lord needs me. I’m His, forever.
Stay tuned! Sister Miyahara will be shipped off this Wednesday morning! I’ll keep you posted on my new address next week! Praise the Lord! Hallelujahs all around!

Mama and her baby!

Teaching seminary has been one of the most fun things to be asked to do our here!  Love these girlies!

The coolest seminary teachers ever! - Besides mine of course!

Tanner's dance moves are out of this world!  ah! Love this family!

Baby hungry? maybe

So many monkey's jumping in a bed!

And Mckay's juggling skills are one of a circus act man!

Gangstas in da club! ey bay bay!  I love the Love's!!

After we clean we get some play time!

Picking up new cars off the lot!!  2014 Corolla - 6 miles on the odometer!!

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