Monday, November 11, 2013

A “Flame Boyaaaage” Kind of Week! November 11, 2013

So this mission for the Lord I’m serving and really all of us in our own individual lives are on these beautiful journeys of self discovery and defining moments but this week I’m blessed to share with y’all what I’ve learned during my week of REfining moments. 
 Yes, I think I’m going to describe it as my “flame boyaage” week.    This comparison is inspired by/from my Sammy, so excuse me if you may be lost. We Miyahara’s, (well mostly me and the boys) love us some Super Smash Bros. We’ve loved the game since Blake got his Game Cube like a decade or two ago (what’s a decade again? 10 years, right? You get the point) (and for the record, I’m red Kirby every time). ANYHOOTS, something we’ve always cracked up + died laughing from was when our little action people get the flame/firey tunnel thingy and we would say in a deep voice “flame boyaaaaage!!!” haha okay this is so irrelevant.
This week was a blessed week where the Lord’s worked His mighty, yet loving, refiner’s fire on me (got where I was getting it? Ha. Maybe?)
Truth be told here’s how it went…sickness led to discouragement, then to complacency then to the Lord’s refinement which then led to a stronger than ever outcome. To break down what I learned, I’ll start with the fact that I know there is a God, our Father who loves us infinitely. His Son, Jesus Christ already paid the price! He already suffered in agony for each of us individually, His friends. Acknowledgement of such is what allows me to believe with confidence that we can overcome anything - guilt, shame, laziness, bad habits, addictions, anything!
 The Lord loves us, so He is going to let us fall sometimes. Elder Evans said a few weeks back that you would never boo a child when he falls learning how to walk; so surely the Lord doesn’t either when we take a few falls in our efforts to learn how to walk (uprightly in all righteousness).  I really like this Mormon message regarding the Lord’s loving correction,
Watch it!
One chapter in the Book of Mormon I found solace in this week was Mosiah 23.  So at this point Alma and his people are righteous and prosperous and happy. They’ve overcome difficult circumstances but they’ve come out conqueror. And after illustrating all their blessings it says in verse 21, “NEVERTHELESS (caps to add drama J) the Lord seeth fit to chasten His people; yea He trieth their patience and their faith.” We can be totally righteous but sorry truth is, the Lord will always try us. By you know what, it’s the greatest blessing! It’s an evidence of His love because if we do endure it with patience and faith, we are guaranteed to be made stronger with increased faith, more than which we already have! How cool is that? I know that I will never be fit for His kingdom if I don’t allow for His loving refinement. 
Just believe in the good of hard times. We are here on earth to prepare to meet God. I know that when that day comes, I will be held accountable for how I handled these “chastening” moments here on life and while I’m here on His mission. We just gotta get up, dust ourselves off and more forward. And thankfully we don’t have to do it alone and also that Friend helping us up and onward already experienced it so we can trust His counsel and believe His love.
I love y’all so much. It’s seriously not possible to convey via email the love I have in my heart for you, my family and you, my dear friends. Thanks for being the best, ever.
Until next week!
Sister Avery Miyahara 
Sooo Sick!  I think I read through the entire General Conference Ensign!

The local High School parking lot

Sister Huffaker made us homemade chicken noodle soup and brought it to us with more Nyquil - Yippee!

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