Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is Real life 3/4/13

I really am a set apart missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ and it's freaking nutso.  I'm like a fo real missionary! It's bizarre sometimes, like it doesn’t seem real and then experience after experience shakes me and says "this is real!" and I love it when that happens. 

This week was a super supreme shake that this is real life because my very first investigator entered the waters of baptism and chose to covenant to take upon Jesus Christ's name and follow Him. Brother Sai is his name and that man will forever remain in my heart. He moved to the United States from Ghana in the middle of January of this year!! But surely is that not where his story begins. He was a professional soccer player in Ghana then he was the security guard for the president of Ghana! He held that position for a number of years and that profession hindered him from pursuing any religion however he was taught by his mother when he was young to always have faith in God.  He was fascinated by the LDS temple in Ghana and wanted to know more.  Later he got in contact with an LDS call center in Salt Lake and for a long while he was taught about our church for hours and hours via phone calls.  His testimony began long before he arrived in Georgia.  Fast forward, the government finally lets their prized security guard move to the US and he moves in with his wife, who lives next door to the Black family (a member family in our ward).  Fast forward the story some more and after several lessons at the Black's home, Bro. Sai is so anxious to get baptized.  Brother Sai is a man of God in everyway. In Alma 13 it talks about how angels are declaring the gospel to many people and are preparing their hearts to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I can testify to you that angels are doing exactly that and when we meet those ready and prepared, it's like they finally found what they have been searching for.  I do believe that there is a peace we all long for as children of God that only our Father can fulfill.  That peace and happiness that Bro. Sai longed for was found. He glowed that day! He kept repeating "I’m so happy, so so happy" and we were all so happy to be apart of it all :)

Another "this is real" experience shook me some more. We open up this screen door to knock on the door and a huge wave of cigarette smoke hit me like a brick wall! The door wasn’t even opened yet and I was coughing up the ying yang.  This man answers the door, lets us in and we sit on his couch. We start talking about our purpose and bear a short testimony and then he mutters "there is more power between you two on that couch of mine that in an atomic bomb.  Y'all have actually touched my heart and I thought it had gone away." That so-called atomic power he claimed he felt surely wasn’t us, it was the Spirit of God! In John it says "for without me, ye can do nothing." The Spirit is the most powerfully thing that the world can feel. That power pierced that heart of this man and I am so excited to watch the miracles unfold in his and his family’s life. 

Those are only two but I can assure you that I have those "is this for real?" experiences a bazillion times a day.  This is real life! I'm really am a missionary, set apart to do this! Given power on high to do this! This is the real gospel of Jesus Christ! This really is God's fully restored church today! And my love for my Savior and His work and God's children here in Lost Mountain is real!

Something’s to LAWL about...My ward mission leader whom I love so much now feels a need to catch me up on Duck Dynasty too! haha so poodles are the new hunting dogs now? This week’s southern language phrase was on the phone with the man and he kept repeating, " it's been a slice of heaven talkin to ya, just a slice of heaven!" Like I said, no one can pronounce Miyahara and these are the places I've been asked if I'm from (not kidding one bit!): Samoa, Philippines, Peru, Mexico, Native American, Fiji, Hawaii, Tailand, and Marshalise hahahah it's hysterical!

THANK YOU for my super cute glasses! I got them and have been wearing them errday. Love them! Thank you! Also, mom, I was thinking about you all weekend! I hope all went fantastically for road show! You're so great mom. I brag about you, always.  I bore my testimony this past Sunday and got a tad teary when I talked about you and Dad. Will you send me a wallet size picture of our family? Everyone is so interested to see what my parents look like haha

I love you. 

Your southern (now chubby) belle,

Sister Miyahara :)

This is Adesowa (Bro. Sai's step daughter) and she is a DOLL!!! She told me she "looked like a barbie and we had to take a barbie picture." She was recently baptized too and is just the cutest!
This day will be forever in my memory! Brother Sai has changed my life! 

The Blacks are the member family who have been with the Sai family through it all.  We had all our lessons at there house and I look up and admire them more than words can describe.  Brother and Sister Black will forever be examples to me! It was such a perfect day!

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