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Holy Hannah, the Lord is hastening the work! 2/25/13

** Sorry everyone, this is the letter from last week** I had a VERY busy week and just couldn't get this one out, so I'll be posting two letters from Avery today (last weeks and this weeks)

February 25, 2013

FIFTY EIGHT new missions around the world, say whaaaat?! insane, I tell ya! The Georgia Macon mission is being created which means it will take half our mission so only time will tell what will happen with all of us! And the Irvine California Mission?!? I could cry! This is so freaking awesome!! The church is true and is spreading and I couldn’t be more excited and humbled to be apart of it all!

Like I said, the Lord is hastening His work.  This week was ridiculous! We ran around like crazy women all day long squeezing in as many lessons as we could and we even had to cancel our dinner appt one night because we just had so many people to see! I love this excitement and fast pass schedule so much! It is so cool that all these people are so prepared to hear of the fullness of God's church here on earth! In 2 Nephi, Nephi goes on to list some of the things that delight his souls and I just loved how everything that delighteth his soul back then is delighting my soul now! He says his soul delighteth in proving unto the people the truthfulness of Jesus Christ, his soul delighteth in the covenants of the Lord, his soul delighteth in God's grace, justice, power, mercy, and His great and eternal plan of happiness and that is exactly why my soul is so happy every day! It's because there is a God and He sent His son and we are to follow Him so we can one day return to Him! It's so simple!..and plain...Nephi delighteth in plainness too! haha however, there is one thing Nephi said his soul did delight in that I can’t quite say mine does...Nephi loved the words of Isaiah and that book still ain’t clickin! Maybe one day! I'll keep ya posted if I ever come delight in Isaiah’s words!

On Sunday I sat next to my investigating family.  I have such love for this family! We sang "families can be together forever" or the closing song in sacrament meeting and in the corner of my eye I see Gail (the mother) wrap her arms around her two kids to her right and left and sing those sweet lyrics with the biggest smile on her face.  Tears swelled up in my eyes as I was reminded what the purpose of my service here in Atlanta is all about.  Like we've heard, I am leaving my family for a short time to bring other families together forever.  God's plan is for us to be together forever and I am so very thankful for the powerful blessing it is be apart of that eternal family (thanks mom and dad for taking it to the temple) and one day go to the temple with my future eternal companion and give my future family what you (mom and dad) gave me...a forever family.  It is what this life is all about and is what the next life will be all about, too!! How beautiful is that?

A funny southern phrase I heard of this week was the use of "booger" (yes, like that scum in your nose) that means a grumpy man or a scary place.  This older lady called this man a booger and I kinda giggled at the silliness of it until they explained.  Also some more fantastic stuff about my life is that my ward mission leader, Brother Douglass (who is the coolest, funniest man ever!) gives my Bachelor updates every Tuesday without me even asking. He is hysterical and does SO much for the ward regarding missionary efforts. Southern hospitality is real and I love it! Every home we leave, the dad/head of the household always without fail, waits at the doors until we get in our car and drive off.  It's just so nice!

Also, SISTER KENDALL TAYLOR BLAKE reports to the MTC this Wednesday!!!! AH!!! If you read this, I love you and have been praying for you all day! I am so excited for you and the rest of my sistas to experience this! You are gonna love the MTC! I wrote you a letter but I need your MTC address so mail it to me asap! Kenny, I love you and I'm so excited we get to experience our missions together, although we will be across the globe, you are with me always! I love you and get ready for the greatest thing that will ever happen to you!
Times up! I love you all! I hope you all have the happiest of weeks! 
Sister Miyahara

There are "speed humps" everywhere and its actually so annoying haha but I've gotten used to bumping up and down all the days long!
our investigator and her family gave us these flowers and insisted on taking a picture because we looked "too darn cute" I just love being a sister missionary so much!
 (make this picture bigger, it really is just too cute ahaha i love it!

 the most incredible sister in our ward! Her family all converted and no she is serving a mission! She gave her farewell talk this past week and I felt such love for her cause my farewell seems like just a day ago! she will be awesome

man oh man do i love this lady and this sweet boy.  Julie is a wild one! Time with her couldnt be more exciting.  She is native american and has the most insane stories and theory and hahah ya wow I cant even put into words this wonderful lady.
and this is her "son" and boy is he a crazy one! he loves females and the camera

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