Monday, March 25, 2013

Expect Miracles

About two weeks ago President Harding (our mission president...coolest man there ever was, b.t.dubz) gave all the missionaries an inspired Easter goal for this month; he called it "every soul a soul." Every missionary in our mission was to fiercely desire this, pray for it and believe that we can all accomplish such a task.  It may seem like this was no biggie but lemme tell you...I have to quickly learn the true doctrine of faith (hence the past few weeks letters). 

We were not in this alone. We we're on God's team! Our team captain was President Harding and surely our key players were our stake president, high council men, bishops, ward mission leaders, and all the members. They were all invited to be help us missionaries accomplish this goal.  I can’t even tell you how many conference calls I've been on with all those I listed. Like 50 some odd Powder Springs Stake members all on the phone discussing how we were gonna get 22 baptisms in our stake by Easter! Mind you...this is southern America...not South America.  

Our mission president has given us nonstop encouragement and inspiration to help us out. He says that when we are perfectly obedient, working our absolute hardest and have faith in His mighty power...expect miracles. Challenged accepted. 

So I thought I'd list some of God's miracles that unfolded before my eyes this week! 

1. Our temple square sister arrived this week.  I FOUND MY SOUL SISTER MISSIONARY. Sister Nelson is her name and she is from Mesa, Arizona. She is a Toro haha (S/O to my boys from Mountain View! I can't seem to run from the Toro pride)! She is the most incredible person and came into my life in the most timely way! Together, I truly believe we can do anything. We are so spiritually unified that I have no doubt that bam bam bam miracles after miracles will happen this transfer! Oh and President told her that our ward was the strongest ward in the mission. Booya, baby! I told you, this ward is a dream and a half! 

2. Two of my most favorite investigators are Gail (mom) and Torey (daughter).  Long story short, they have wanted to get baptized for a while now and for certain crazy reasons they haven’t been.  Gail would always say she was going to be like Brigham Young and investigate the church for two years.  We decided to fast with her.  None of us could do a thing about the situation. A miracle was the only resolution. She was surely progressing (has read the Book of Mormon four times and the book Jesus the Christ twice) but was going nowhere (couldn't get baptized). We fasted and that very night a mighty miracle happened.  Gail and Torey will be baptized this Saturday. There is such divine power in fasting. The impossible happened and God rewarded Gail and Torey for their undying faith and paved a perfect plan for them. 

3.Gail's friend came to her Tuesday of this week in an emotion mess. She expressed to Gail her need for answered questions, support and love, and guidance for her and her three angelic daughters (ages 10, 4, 2). Gail's immediate response was "you need the missionaries." That very day we met this incredible lady (she's from Jamaica!!) .  I'm not kidding when I say this, I just had to know Vanissa and her daughters in heaven; I promised them I would one day know them and offer them the gospel.  That day was Tuesday the 19th of March. She was so insanely prepared for the gospel and I can’t even begin to tell you! Everything we believe in, she has known to be true and has been living accordingly but she just hadn't found a church that teaches it all in completeness.  Vanissa and her 10 year old will be baptized as well. God is in every detail of our lives, people! It literally blows my mind everyday.  

4. We drove to find a potential investigator and idiot me forgot to write down the house number. Do we leave and go to the next person we planned to see or do we stay in this neighborhood and tract it out? We didn’t know, so we prayed! When we pray for specific things, God can give us specific answers. We instantaneously knew we needed to stay and knew we needed to see these three houses in particular. All three doors were open, three lessons were taught, and three return appointments were made.  Each home said to us something along the lines of "we needed you right at this moment," "we have been praying for these answers," "there is a reason you knocked on my door today." Miracles! Miracles! I'm not bothering people, its a privilege that I get to be the messenger that brings them eternal life!! Missionary work is the greatest! 

5. The sweetest girl in our ward had her missionary farewell yesterday (she is going to Sweden!!)  and the musical number was "Come Thou Fount." My brain was totally and completely caught up in the vivid memory of my farewell almost three months ago where that song was so beautifully sang by my dear friends. Gail put her arm around me and in tears said "we are going to be friends forever." I miss you all at home, duh. But I am so very blessed to be making even more eternal friends out here.  

I only have time to write about those but I seriously could go on all day and tell you these miraculous experiences we have on the reg! In 2 Nephi 26 verse...23 (I think) It talks about how our God is a God of miracles and he will pour upon His children (us!) miracles according to our faith! I can testify with all that I am that is entirely true. I can also promise you that righteous sacrifices allow the heavens to be made open! Sacrifice those little stupid sins that hold you back from miracles! God always ALWAYS rewards us for our righteousness. And when it is a sacrifice and we prove faithful, expect miracles!!

I'm on top of the world! I love being a missionary! I love my Sister Nelson! This is gonna be a pretty spectacular week, I can just feel it :) Happy Easter, may we have an added measure of Christ like love in our days this week! 

lalaLOVE you all!
Sister Miyahara

p.s. SISTER HAWKINS AND SISTER STONE! You're time is finally here! I've been thinking about you both and send all my love and encouragement! Prepare to have your world rocked and to feel happiness like you have never known! Y'all are gonna be pretty incredible missionaries! Peru and Argentina will soon become everything to you!  I love you and send me your MTC mailbox number asap! Ah!!! Good luck my loves!! 

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