Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Believe, Ask, Do!!!

"God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He always has.  But He can’t if you don’t pray and He can’t if you don’t dream. In short, He can’t if you don’t believe." -Elder Holland

This quote seemed to be the theme of my week.  In every situation/every lesson the overall thing God kept trying to teach me, as well as my investigators was the principle of faith in asking.  We need to ask.  We all have questions deep in our soul that we would like to have answered but how many of us are brave enough to...ask. gasp! What a scary thought.  If it’s because we are fearful of the answer or are we lacking in faith that we won’t receive an answer? Those two hesitants are vastly different however but are equally detrimental.  First, we need to have a full hearted belief that God hears our prayers (questions) and is always going to answer.  Once that testimony is established, we need to trust ourselves. 

When God answers our prayers, somtimes (usually) it isn’t the most convenient or easy circumstance.  It's typically hard, really hard and our natural self tells us "we can’t! No way,God. Are you crazy?." But we can’t let our narrow viewed, silly minds hold us back from reaching our divine potential! If God is going to give you an answer, wouldn’t you trust He would have your back no matter what? As we ask in humble prayer to our Father (in faith He will answer), then receive that personal revelation from Him (God gives us an answer), we must act! And not be hesitant!

God does hear, He does answer and He will support us in every way possible. Desire BIG things, ask for it and believe in the Savior with all your heart that He is and He will be there for you.  I needed to learn to ask specific questions and my investigators so desperately needed to as well.  I can’t wait to see the miracles unfold as we all receive that specific guidance! Our destiny is truly endless if we merely ask. 

So it's transfer week and THANK THE HIGH HEAVENS...I am staying in my beloved Lost Mountain ward.  Here's the funny part...I am training.  Yep. That's right. I'm half way freakin' BIG TIME but I trust in the Lord.  I have to trust! I could never ever EVER do this without his guiding hand.  Words cannot describe the love and friendship and support I'm so blessed to have in my ward.  We are getting elders in our ward and another set of sister.  We are going to have SIX MISSIONARIES in our ward alone! Lost Mountain in going from 2 (Sister Swanson and I) to 6. There is need and the Lord is hastening His work.  Sweet hallelujah glory!

Ms. Amera...GET IT GURL. This Wednesday you report and I've been thinking about you a lot! I'm so excited for you and I pray you are just as excited for yourself.  Don’t freak out, there is no need for that! You're about to begin something that will shape your for eternity and bring you a kind of Christ-like happiness and love you have had yet to feel! Send me your MTC mailbox# asap! LOVE YOU LADY!! Cant wait to hear about your Chilean adventures!

I love you all! Remember the quote at the top and believe in the big things you can and will do!

Sister Miyahara

This is Mrs. Mary-lou and she is a HOOT!  Lemme tell ya!  I love her!

We got to go to the Temple!  So wonderful

Oh, heck ya...guns....hunting...southern lovin'

I Love the Temple so darn much!

My Torey girl  - She will be baptized very soon!  Oh, how I love her!

Lunch with Sister Leath - aka USHER'S NANNY!!  I kid you not.  she is like friends with Usher and the Biebs and Ya!  So cool.

Jesus loves YOU and I love the SOUTH

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