Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love to my mama and some biblical coolness

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!! I so wish I could give you the biggest hug right now! I guess it'll have to wait 16 more months but through the screen, I'm reaching out and wrapping my arms around you! I can’t put into words my feelings of gratitude and love for you, mom. You've taught me everything. By your example, you've shown me exactly who I can only hope to be one day...the most wonderful human being and mother a child could ask for.  I sure hope you feel loved today! I deserve it. I love you, sweet mother of mine :) I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for blessing me with you. 

Hey Blake, Eagle Scout project this weekend huh? Nice! And your acceptance to BYU?!  Oh heck ya! I LOVE YOU 

For some mundane details: I'm still in the Lost Mountain Ward and couldn't be more thankful for it! I just love this ward oh so much! Seriously, some of the greatest people and strongest spirits!  I have the cutest new trainee! She's awesome! And this Wednesday we are getting another sister! She's coming to us after serving the past year at Temple Square! So there will be four of us sisters in the same apartment! Ca-ra-AZY!!!! I know. We also got elders too. Work is seriously happening! And I love it! I was asked to speak in church this past Sunday and I just had zero time to write it so I wrote my talk during the passing of the sacrament and I was the first speaker. Ha! It was my ward mission leader son's farewell...his name is Blake Douglas and he is going to the Carlsbad Mission! We had a bazillions nonmembers at church so that was a riot! So fun! I seriously ran my mouth all...day...long! 

The other day someone asked me what made me fearful about serving a mission.  Like I've previous mentioned, it wasn't a phobia of social stuff (yeah right!) or nerves about not knowing perfect doctrine even, it probably was leaving what seemed to be the best life ever and willingly bail all of it and welcome new everything. Clearly God needed to still teach more of this lesson. Okay so with that in mind, I'm doing my morning studies (which is never ever enough time...2 hours feels like 2 minutes! It's nuts!) And I came across a story in the bible that rocked my world. 

Lot's wife. 

We all know the story ...Lot and his family are told (by God) to leave their beloved city/life because it is going to be destroyed and they’re commanded not to look back. Lot's wife does and she turns into a pillar of salt...but it racked my soul this time around. I read and reread Genesis 19 and tried to squeeze out all the goods this story needed to teach me. How many of us "look back" at our past, either nostalgically or with regret and it deprives us our here and now? Lot's wife didn't glance back just for the heck of it. She wanted to go back. Her attachment to her past was stronger than her confidence and faith in the future. She doubted the Lord's ability to give her something better than what she already had! Why the crap do our brains long for whatever we don’t have, whether it be in our past or in our dreams of the future? Fight that! Do NOT let Satan drive you to mediocrity! Have faith that God is going to take you to new heights, killer opportunities, total joy and ultimately everlasting life!! 

If needs be, take total advantage of the power of the atonement! Jesus Christ has already taken upon Himself all your sins and pains and weaknesses...embrace His mercy!  Be like the Lamanites and bury those weapons of war that we all like to hold on to! Forgive! We are to learn from past experiences and not necessarily live in the past. Trust that God has great things in store for you! Don’t’ you dare let Satan grab a hold of the person you were destined to become. 

Everyday I realize more and more how weak I am. As I gain new knowledge and study so hard each day, I only find out how very little I know. A verse in D&C 35 made a whole lot of sense. God pretty much says that He calls upon the unlearned, the weak things of the world thrash the nations with the power of His spirit. I feel that spirit everyday.  Jesus Christ was a carpenter, Joseph Smith was a young unintelligent farmer, and I am a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ, called to preach His almighty gospel! We are all weak! Never be satisfied with where you are, always be reaching for higher! Truly, He calls unto the weak (me!) who then can become mighty in His name. I love this work! 

Y'all have a blessed now, 
Sister Miyahara :) 
all my MTC sistas were together again at this last transfer meeting! We are all training! So proud of these strong women I get to call my friends! 

Hermana Megan Francis is a visa waiter in my mission!! We had quite the reunion in the bathrooms at the fayetteville stake center! We're talking screams, jumps, the whole shabang! It was seriously a dream and a half to see this dear friend of mine in Atlanta! 

Ha! Thanks mom for the package! Sorry boys, not this year ;)

We went hiking up kennesaw mountain our last p-day as a district (yes, just us four. borderline double date, ha! just kidding!) and it was pouring and i was so happy! I just frolicked and ran and felt so free! 

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