Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh, How Sweet The Joy!! 5/27/14

Great! My email time has FLOWN by! ah! okay , okay THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME.
Avery was baptized : ) it was so special. I love this family so much! The Gospel blesses families! TRUTH. This family has been changed through the mercy of our Savior and I’m just happy to know them.

 I finished Jesus the Christ by Talmage and I BELIEVE IN CHRIST. My faith is firmer than ever that He was no ordinary man; He is our literal Savior, our Hope of Israel, the Finisher of the Faith! I’m so grateful to know that He is at the head of this church and how humbled I am to be a part of His commission to bring others closer to Him.

We had such a neat sisters conference this week! Sister Mills taught us with great power about the sacred duty of our call. She brought it back to our eternal purposes and how our missions shape and train us for eternity! I learned so much. I LOVE LEARNING. There is so much knowledge and wisdom and truth this Gospel offers! I couldn’t love every moment of this mission anymore!

Yesterday was Memorial Day and let me tell you, it was a day of miracles! We worked our tails off all day long for the Lord. We found 11 families who all want us back to learn more about the restored Church of Jesus Christ again established on the earth today! As we prayerfully sought after the spirit, we were led by God’s angels to those hearts they have been preparing. It was a special day where I felt so empowered by the spirit of the Lord as I testified to so many as Jesus Christ’s representative. Man, I love being a missionary so much.

 I RAN A HALF MARATHON THIS MORNING. Yes, I am sitting here stiffer than stiff! I had to keep the Memorial Day 13.1 tradition going! Sister Maney and Jessica were so kind to run with me! I was grinning from ear to ear every stride! Sister Miller supplied us with bananas and Gatorade and even a fun sign along our run! I pondered these past 21 years/17 months and was so overwhelmed with love and gratitude! How beautiful are God’s creations?!...the world around us, our physical bodies and spiritual souls?! Incredible. Only a Loving Father above would allow us the opportunity to discover so much joy here in mortality. Look around you. God is real! I’ll remember those 13.1 miles forever. Thank you for the people who will be a part of that memory!
Happiest of birthdays to my dear baby boy Sammy! I love you and that family of ours with every beat of this ever expanding heart! I also love this land of Georgia with my whole heart and somehow Heavenly Father grants me the capacity to feel that way! Can you even begin to fathom how much our Father in Heaven must love us? I’m so thankful He allows me to feel just a tiny portion of His love for His children.
“Pure Christ like love flowing from true righteousness can CHANGE THE WORLD” –Elder Holland
Until next week!
Love y’all!
Sister Miyahara

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