Monday, May 19, 2014

Surprises + Faithful Predictions 5/19/14

THIS WEEK THE ACWORTH WARD THREW ME A FREAKING SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!! Goodness, where so I even begin with my thank yous?! It was last week Monday and we went on a little splitzies and I came back to my companions who were supposedly in a lesson at the Camacho’s home and BAM!! There gathered my most loved friends in my life right now. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I still cant believe it. Man alive, God is too good to me!..blessing me with these people! I will forever thank God for Acworth.  I even got to see my family and Olivia and brooke on the Camacho’s TV singing happy birthday and doing hysterical little dances for me! I was DYING of laughter! It was all too perfect! I was beaming with a smile ear to ear continuously! Thank you to all the wonderful souls who planned such a perfect event for silly sister miyahara to feel like a super star on the eve of her 21st birthday! Wow. That night was something else. A night so special, I’ll cherish for eternity! So much love! So much happiness! So many blessings! I’m just a kooky 21 year old trying to do what my Father in Heaven wants me to do and life couldn’t be any more glorious!  THANK YOU to everyone who filled me with every good emotion this week. I’m forever grateful.
However, the most important event of this week was hands down the baptism of our sweet Emilie Boston J Emilie is a senior, graduating from high school this coming week and was introduced to the church by her -formerly not active member of the church- boyfriend dude (who totally rocks and is active now!) This sister of mine was prepared! When we taught her all in members home, the spirit was unforgettable. She faithfully read the Book of Mormon in between classes, during her break at work and throw the late hours of the night. She came to a firm testimony 100% on her own and we were just blessed to be a part of her conversion. The gospel has changed her heart; her desires to understand, serve and love God BLOW MY MIND.
I’ve learned so much about courage from this young lady! I think about me and my friends at the end of our senior year of high school. I’ll be the first to say that my focus was surely not on spiritual matters. I ‘m reminded each day how important it is that we prioritize our thoughts, dreams and our focus. This is our time to show our Father our love and loyalty! Now is the day we must be full of faith, constantly repenting and progressing.  When we procrastinate our repentance by putting things not of worth in the forefront of our lives, we will not become any better than we were the day or month or year before…SAD DAY when we waste away our days. Emilie Boston has entered the gate of baptism and is well on her way to become a more refined, righteous and faithful daughter in God’s kingdom and because of her, I am forever blessed.
This week I learned that everything God gives us is so that we can turn it around and serve others. He makes our weaknesses strengths so we can help others, not ourselves! When we have that mentality, God trusts us with more opportunities to serve His children. Everything must be to the end to bring glory to God, not ourselves. The abilities and talents we have been given are not so that we can be the cool kid on the block but so we can lift others and bring them closer to Christ. Everything must be to that end, to come closer to Christ. There is no other option to true happiness! “I believe in Christ, so come what may!”
Thank you again to everyone for making my life the happiest, a million bagillion hugs to you all!
All my love,

Sister Avery Kimi Miyahara

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