Monday, May 6, 2013

Look to God and Live 4/29/13

Another fantastic week has come and passed! I'm giddy all day everyday for the gospel! It's a privledge and an honor to be entrusted with this name tag at this time! I dont take this sacred calling for granted! My sweet K8 Hargadon gave me some killer advice this week, she told me that I have 18 months to serve with all I got and then I have an eternity to reminisce on it. I loved that! What a motivator! I've been called to be the new sister training leader for my current zone as well as a few other surrounding zones. I'm humbled and freaking stoked for this newly established role for sister missionaries! The work is going haywire over here in the Georgia Atlanta Mission! Hurrah for Isreal!
My sweet trainee is the! I adore her! Her name is Sister Richardson and she's from Sandy, Utah! We have so much fun together while working our tails off! I'm grateful to share this great urgency for the work with her. This next transfer is going to fabulous, I just know it!
Earlier this week I was reading Alma 37,  and Alma's parting advice to his son Helaman was to look to God and live! Alma (the greatest most inspiring missionary/human ever) is staying when we live our lives, looking to God, then we can live with a fullness of joy! Our all-loving Father isnt trying to weigh us down with burdens and commandments, that's what the adversary wants us to believe God's intenions are...but that is entirely false! I loved L. Tom Perry's G.C. talk where he said that "obedience to law is liberty!" Dont believe him? Try it out! I did and that is why everyday I frolick around in pure joy because I'm working everyday to change not just my behavior but my nature to allign with the Lord! I promise, I promise, I promise, that if we simply look to God, then can we more fully live :)
Prayer is real! You can never over utelize the power but we all so frequently under utelize the divine power of communication with the God of the universe, the King of Kings! I pray for all y'all all day errday!
Peace and blessings sweet people I love!
Sista Miya
P.S. If you're reading this Weens/Reta...know that my heart soared with the news of your baptism! The choice you made will forever ignite your soul. The gift of the Holy Ghost is the most beautiful gift we can recieve here in mortality. I'm over the moon excited for you! More happiness and joy than you have ever imagined await you! Stay strong! Your life is now changed for eternity! Oh how I love you!!!

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