Monday, May 13, 2013

Hip Hip Horray! 5/13/2013

It's crazy how days can seem so long but how weeks seriously zoom on by...not to mention years!

I'm 20 today! And as I lay in bed last night I thought about my recent birthdays. My 18th was spent skydiving with my daddyo and then with all my high school BFFLs playing an intense game of kickball at the Arroyo Vista Park.  My 19th was spent with my most glorious girlies as we graced the streets of Barcelona, Spain. Then comes my 20th and I'm a real life, set apart representative of Jesus Christ serving in the Georgia Atlanta Mission. It's absolutely absurd!! Time moves so darn quickly so we best be living every
(Sometimes seemingly long) day to it's greatest potential!

I'm grateful to have been blessed with a strong desire to always "go go go!", if you will. Because of this innate part of me, I've been privileged to accumulate priceless experiences and memories that I fully believe were divinely given to me so I can help others find joy in this incredible journey of life!

We were invited to be apart of the Young Women's lesson last Sunday and I just had the deepest love for these girls! I just wanted to hug them and tell them to go be awesome! Stand up for truth and righteousness! See yourself as the beautiful royal daughter of God you are! Get involved in everything! Be friends with everyone! Hold firm to the testimonies you have! Make everyday the best day ever! This life is marvelous! Don't be down trodden by insecurities, fears or regret! Christ is the answer, always! Work like everything depends on you but pray like everything depends on the Lord!

I feel this indescribable love and almost responsibility to the youth of this generation. I see so clearly how vital the gospel is in their young souls. The world is getting more wicked by the hour and thankfully I fully believe we are getting stronger! There are no middle grounds. Are we progressing or digressing? We can’t be stagnant!  Are we making it easier or harder for the people
around us to be living righteously? Are we happy, truly happy? I can promise you the peace and happiness the gospel offers is unlike you anything you can imagine! Open the door, Christ is knocking! Let Him in and watch as He changes your heart forever.

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, changes my heart everyday and He will continue to change my heart for the rest of eternity. When Christ asked His apostles to leave their nets, He meant to leave those fishing nets forever.  There are things Christ asks all of us to sacrifice and when He asks us to He doesn't mean for only a short while, He always means forever.

In my missionary world I was told that each day determines your week, which determines your transfers, which determines your mission, which determines your life, which determines your forever. Look at everyday as the magnitude it really is! If your days aren't as happy or fulfilling as you'd like, fix it! We can do all things with Heaven's help!

Christ lives and I'm nothing without Him.

Today is totally gonna rock! My sweet companion and the two other wonderful sisters we live with made me pancakes this morning and later today the missionaries in our area are getting together to play kickball (Miyahara family favorite!). I'm stoked! Then some lovely families feel a need to "stuff a birthday girl silly with southern cookin" So the candles I'll be blowing out will probably be a wish for reverse obesity! Three cheers for
another year...shoot in the butt! Just kidding, my Dad would always say that hahaha love you Dad! Okay Ah! I gotta go! Time is a doozy, lemme tell ya!

No longer your 19 year old missionary,
Sister Miyahara

P.S. skyping with y'all yesterday was such a joy! I love you all with every part of my heart! Ma and Pa, I love you. Blake you're a tan babe, I can’t handle the fact you're graduating. Sammy, your karate and singing skills never cease to make my day. Britt, you're beautiful and I loved having some girl chat with you! Hearing your voices and seeing your smiles only motivated me to work even harder so God has no choice but to pour out heavens blessings on you, my family :) Hey, and nice meeting you Jason! You're awesome! Man, I just have the best family ever! Those lucky ducks who get to marry into our fam ;)  

P.S. Thank you for my birthday package! It was seriously the most thoughtful package I'll ever get. Everything stuffed into that box was perfect and so needed! Thank you for being so thoughtful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.


The Wallace's spoiled me and made me the most delicious cake!  They are my "Georgia mama and papa"

Sister Richardson is another diet coke addict and I love her for it. If you're seeing this Mrs. Stapleton, cheers to you and diet coke!

Flirt to convert?  Just kidding!!!! Never would we do such a thing!

It was Elder Roger's big 21st! Ow OW! So how did we celebrate? Nerf war around the church! That's some good wholesome fun is you ask me!

Sis. Rich "happy happy happy" (duck dynasty) shirt and my face mask just equals a good time after a long day of hard work for the Lord!

Georgia is a dreamland in the spring

How I love this lady

Hey, look I'm thrusting my sickle with all my might and reaping all I'm sowing! This sickle is actually from the 1800s and never has been sharpened!

Pancake breakfast with the best sisters in the mission field

I love the mission home for a couple of reasons and a big one is their massive swing set!   So freakin fun!

Because we are missionaries and we are crazy!

We said to do a "cute one" and my trainee decided otherwise....and that is why I love her!

No, you're not hard core unless you live hard core!

My sweet friend, Sister Mary Lou Rader surprised me with a crochet kit for my birthday :) She's just the greatest lady there ever was! 

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