Wednesday, April 17, 2013

21 pieces of advice about missions from an amateur missionary

21 pieces of advice about missions from an amateur missionary:

1.     The church and the gospel is so perfectly true in every little itty aspect of it.  There is nothing remotely inaccurate about the teachings and doctrines of our church.  This is in fact, the fullness of God’s church restored on the earth today!  There just is no question about it!
2.     You will feel a happiness that you could never imagine.  You will also be discouraged and intimidated and exhausted!!!  Thank the heavens we know that God breaks us down so he can lift us higher!  I’m gonna add a stress to the “er”in the highER.   You will be edified and strengthened and made bettER through the hard times.
3.     Missionary work takes courage.  It sure isn’t easy.  You’ll be stretched and tried.  Be brave.  You’re on the Lords team and we will never fail.  Never forget that, the Lord will never fail.
4.     Love your companions.  Serve them!  Pray daily for them and try your hardest every day to the best companion.  Leave an impression on those you serve with that they will tell their grandchildren about you!
5.     Obedience and the phrase “exact obedience” will first be your biggest enemy! And then will become your most favorite BFF.  We can’t do this work without the blessings that living exactly obedient brings.  LIVE IT AND LOVE IT!
6.     When you think your too tired to go on a second more without collapsing right there, laugh and just tell yourself “it will only get worse”.  You will never ever be fully rested and if you aren’t tired every day, you are doing something wrong.
7.     LOVE EVERYONE!  Express that love!  Your heart will grow a million new chambers every day.  I’m serious its all about the love out here!!
8.     The white handbook doesn’t say anything about dancing J
9.     You’ll come to realize how incredible the scriptures are.  I can say that I am 100% addicted to the scriptures.  Don’t just read them, fall in love with them!  They are the jackpot of all the answers and needs you’ll ever have, I mean it! The Book of Mormon is entirely perfect.  End of story!
10. Be fun, be cute, be YOU!  Quoting the dorky mom from “Just Friends” Be yourself….Be yourself J  Wear clothes that show people who you are, smile all day long!  Never ever stop smiling – J.k. stop occasionally or else that’s just creepy.  People like happy people!  People need the gospel.  Be happy J.
11. Face it, weight will be gained.  Embrace the love!
12. Make a special effort to build a relationship with your mission president, bishop, ward mission leader and all their wives.  You will learn wisdom that will affect your entire life.
13. Learn to love the hymns.  Sing with enthusiasm, even if you are terrible.  Sing praises anyways! There is a special spirit that comes when we sing.  A few of my personal favs out here have been;  “I need thee every hour”, “How great thou art”, “Nearer my God to thee”, “Brightly beems”, “I’ll go where you want me to go”,  and “Praise to the man”  these are my daily anthems!!
14. Pray.  All day.  Every day.  I am serious, like you’ll pray hours and hours and maybe only 1% will be on your behalf.  The coolest!
15. Don’t even think about neglecting your personal hygiene.  Just don’t!  Wash yourself before you wreck yourself!
16. Hydration.  Hydration.  Hydration,  and take multivitamins too!!
17. You can never have too many post it notes, fun pens, stamps and mints.
18. There is a huge importance with the skill, yes, skill (this doesn’t come naturally) to being punctual.  The culture of our church tends to be, show up 10-15 minutes late, no worries!  Remember you rarely are with people with that culture – wear a watch.  Be on time!!!
19. Use the 30 minutes in the morning to work out.  Actually work out!! 30 minutes wont be enough for the inevitable weight but it may help… a little?!?  I hope so!
20. Be honest.  There is literally no point, ever to be dishonest!
21. Have fun!  The mission is a BLAST!! Make every day enjoyable.  It’s supposed to be enjoyable!  If it’s not, something is very wrong and you got to fix it very fast because – sad day when you’re not having fun!!  You were called to do this!  You are 100% capable to be like Alma and Amulek!  Don’t ever ever ever let Satan take power over your self worth!! You were destined in the heavens to serve your mission for the Lord in your designated location.  You can and will become everything your Father sees in you!
This is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and you will be His representative.  Be stoked! It’s the freaking bomb! 
p.s.  read and reread and reread “The Fourth Missionary” by Laurence Corbridge

With much love,
Sister Avery Miyahara

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