Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet 4/8/2013

Ah! My internal soul is still giddy from this past weekend’s worldwide General Conference. Our unique message to the world is that there is indeed a living prophet here on the earth today, to lead and guide this generation so stricken with wickedness.  We are all God’s children and He loves all equally, right? Right! So of course He would bless us with a prophet, just as Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses of old! God’s prophet, His mouth piece on the earth today is Thomas S. Monson. I have come to know that he is the world’s prophet today in a very real sense. I’m grateful our loving Father in Heaven has sent forth a living prophet, 12 apostles and other ecclesiastical leaders to offer this world Godly counsel in our ever increasingly wicked world. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch all four sessions of general conference and listen to these apostolic witnesses of truthfulness, I advise you to read them or watch them and let their messages change you, as they did for me.
I’m gonna do my best to reiterate some of the killer points that pierced my heart! In my humble opinion, I felt as if the overarching theme of the conference was three distinct topics: the family, faith, and obedience.
The family
It was obvious to me that the leaders of our church put a particularly high stress on the family.  The family unit was established by God to strengthen one another and be a constant source of love. It’s heartbreaking to see the abominable mess the family unit has become. The brethren repeatedly spoke of the need for strongly founded individuals and families in Christ.  We were counseled to first, focus on the family. The spirit must dwell in the home. Without that Holy Spirit in the home, we are so easily susceptible to the adversary. So, how do we establish that Spirit in our homes? Easy answer! Keep the commandments. Our Savior Jesus Christ is the perfect example of love. The general primary president spoke so beautifully on the topic of children.  Children come into this world ready to learn! We can deprive them of the sacred truths they long to be reminded of.  Parents were counseled on disconnecting technology and connecting personally with their children.  As I listened to the many talks focused on family, I felt an overwhelming appreciation for mine. Thank you mama and paps for truly establishing a Christ-centered home. Not only did our family benefit from the spirit in our homes but all those who came over felt it. I know they did because many told me so! As a missionary visiting home after home each day, I have acquired the distinct sensitivity to the spirit in homes. I can walk through the doors and literally feel the presence or absence of the spirit.  The gospel can bring that spirit ever abundantly in our homes and in our families. We pray for that spirit to dwell in added measure at every home we visit. It’s miraculous to literally feel the spirit enter into a home as the family comes together in spiritual unity. So where so we start? Faith!
Elder Holland (an apostle) has a phenomenal address on faith and believing.  He dissected the story in Mark 9 of a father asking the Savior to heal his son.  The father cries out, “Lord I believe, help Thou mine unbelief.” I was studying this chapter earlier this week and seriously spent a long time picking apart this story and Elder Holland’s talk so perfectly solidified my understanding.  He spoke how in moments of desperation we must stand firmly on the faith we have already established. His point about how the size of our faith isn’t the issue, it’s the integrity we show of our faith. We can claim our faith loud and proud to everyone. We can wear jewelry with crosses and put scriptural stickers on our cars but how often do our actions prove our “faith”? The first step in everything we do is entirely faith.  May we all attain greater faith! And when life sends us some stormy days, may we never loose confidence in our Maker and continue in even greater faith.
Our prophet, Thomas S Monson solely spoke on obedience. Meaning that is a mondo big deal! He said that our biggest test here on earth is obedience. He also said that our personal and family happiness, joy, success, safety, prosperity, and eternal progressing all come down to whether or not we are obedient. Whabam! It doesn’t get more clear.  What great joy? Be more obedient! What a more cohesive family? Be more obedient! Sister Dalton spoke on the saying “where er thou art, act well thy part.”  Our part matters because we matter! And we may look different because we are different from the world! The world needs obedient Disciples of Christ. I’m not fearful of the future but I am worried for those I love around me who are fearful of the future. The world is a scary place and the only thing we can hold on to is our sure testimonies of Christ’s fully restored gospel on the earth today. I pray that our testimonies will never cease to stand protecting. We can be so darn happy and see so much light while our surrounding deem darkness! We can we the beacon of light set on a hill in Matt 5! We not only can be but we were born to be! I know I have a lot to improve upon. That was reaffirmed after I watched conference. But that is what this life is all about! We should never ever be satisfied with our degree of obedience we are living! We must always be striving for more! And I’m grateful for a Father who is always offering more.
The church is so true! There is a prophet! I freaking love being a missionary and sharing this gospel of great news to all I meet! May we all realign our lives a little more with His.
Peace and blessing yo,
Sister Miyahara
p.s. go onto and watch it! And read it! And rewatch it! And reread it!

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