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'Tis the Season to be a Missionary! 12/09/2013

Tis the season to be a missionary!12/10/13

I'm overjoyed with the spirit of Christmas these days! There is nothing quite like serving the good Christians of Georgia during the holidays. I'm surrounded by individuals and families with vibrant testimonies and a deep love for the Savior Jesus Christ (it's the coolest!). gosh dang it, I left my notebook in the car and the computer clock is a tickin so I think i may just have to wing my thoughts this week.

I'm emailing later because today, the Cartersville stake Relief Society threw the missionaries the biggest Christmas extravaganza ever! It was incredible. Santa! food galore! white elephant exchange! ugly tie contest! 10 book of Mormons with member family's picture and testimony for each companionship! hand made scarves for the sisters! ornament that had the Atlanta temple inside and said "Georgia Atlanta mission Christmas 2013"! A pillow for each missionary with "Atlanta 2013" sewed into it! And we got to carol to the old people! It was insanely over the top. How grateful I was for the sweet women who wanted us to feel loved this holiday season. Man, I could be so so much more charitable and selfless. I'm constantly humbled by the kindness people offer, especially at such inconvenient times.

This week rocked. Even though two entire days were spent in meetings, the work still moved forward! Crazy going from 2 minutes away from the mission home to 2 hours...needless to say sleep was a rarity this week. But you know what made my mornings so bright...even at 4:30am...MOM! You're precious thoughtful hysterical Christmas advent calendar gift cute thingy! Thanks for that. We had mission leadership council one day and new missionary training the next (for all trainers and trainees). I was so uplifted by love as we all supported and motivated each other. The Georgia Atlanta Mission is truly a family. President and Sister Harding lead us with so much love it's not real! They're incredible! Besides driving a total of 8 hours in the dark (early morning and late evening), our two days of meetings were such a booster!

The Relief Society Presidency made the adorable ornaments and invitations to their Christmas party in the coming week. We volunteered to deliver them and oh my goodness MIRACLES! Most of the "lost sheep" have moved which means prime families now living in the homes. We found so many prepared hearts living in the homes of addresses on our roster. As we came bearing a simple gift and a bright smile, people were SO receptive to a message about the Savior. We were blessed to have the opportunity to bear our personal and special testimonies of the true nature of the God these people worship. Not only were we able to see so many miracles in finding, but we were able to give the bishop lists and lists of
updates info for the roster! win win! I LOVE ACWORTH!!

I loved the quote from the Prophet David O Mckay that says "true happiness comes from when we make others happy". That is my sure knowledge. As we give our love and time to others this season, may we all feel that kind of love the Savior had for His Father and for all of us.

Peace and Blessings!
Sister Miyahara!

Yes, this is Brittany (Mulan)

Zone Christmas Party

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