Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas - The awesome + The awkward in Acworth

The Awesome
·         Our Tuesday Christmas eve district meeting was the greatest! We borrowed costumes from a family in our ward and we all were different roles in the Nativity. It was so happy and such a spiritual experience. We are such a family, I couldn’t be more thankful.
·         Christmas week couldn’t have been more awesome in the awesomeness scale! Over Christmas Eve and Christmas we counted over 300 people we saw and invited in various ways to come closer to Christ. Luke 2 has changed my life and led me to believe that with missionary eyes, everything relates back to the work of salvation! Christmas morning was wonderful. I was brought to tears at the love I felt each package I opened. It was as if I was sitting right there with my family and friends! I couldn’t be more grateful. But the best part of the morning was when Sister Watts opened up her new scriptures from our family. The joys of giving are inexpressible. No wonder the Savior was so happy, all He did was serve. Thank you so much to all!
·         Skyping y’all was perfect. Well the limited time wasn’t but that short interaction with home was such a blessing. I’m so grateful for technology and how I could see Blakey’s freckles, Sammy’s precious crooked teeth grin, Britt + Tanner’s lover eyes, Dad’s watery eyes and Mom’s radiant bright glow. I love you all so much.  Oh I love you all. So much. I watched Sammy’s elephant song video back and it’s hysterical! I have the greatest family, ever!
·         Jonathon x2. We are teaching two guys named Jonathon and they’re our miracle for this week. Jonathon #1 is a 16 year old who we seriously have killer lessons with. The District worthy of lessons! He is so prepared so we can go in , speak and let the Spirit do the teaching, follow up on prior commitments, extend invitation for more and we’re out in 40 minutes. We leave each lesson in a spiritual daze! It’s awesome! Jonathon #2 is a man we tracted into whose father has been inactive forevs but his entire extended family is actively members of the Church. He said on approach, “I’ve been thinking lately that I needed to check out the Mormon Church. All my family is so happy and unified; their lives are so blessed and I want that.” Golden! He rocks and are so grateful for our Jonathans!
·         Angel is an investigator who had a really really really rough Christmas week. Some of the trials these people go through blow me out of the water; the faith that some people innately posses is evident to me that the Lord doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Angel is incredible. The member we involved this week with Angel came to church this Sunday for the first time in years! The work of salvation is real + the Lord is in change. As I’m witnessing the reactivation of Angie helping bring Angel into the fold, I’m speechless. The Lord is perfect. I learning to get out of the way and let Him work His miracles.
The Awkward
·         After finishing 24 hours of miracles on exchange with Sister Stephens in Cedartown…I got pulled over. LOL, right? Haha my life. So the police man pulls me over and I’m cracking up and he comes to my window and OH MY GOSH this man was attractive, he could have been a stand in for Josh Dumell (sp?)! He totally is like flirting with me and I WAS SO AWKWARD. Not but really, like it was obvious I’ve been out of a while…I couldn’t let myself look in his eyes!!! Hahaha he took my info, came back and continues to flirt!!! I was dying. He asked me how I pronounced my name and if he could take me out sometime!! Then asks me what brought me to Georgia and I quickly respond, “The Lord!” and give him a pass along card with the elder number in the area hahaha oh my and then he says I’m way too cute and he could never give me a ticket. He let me off with a warning…I was going 61 in a 45!! Whoops! But Yikes. I was so weird.
Ah! I have more awko taco stories to write by time is ticking! Just know that I love you and like I've said before, my heart beats for missionary work in Acworth but keeps it's rythm from the love and prayers from y'all. Thank you for loving me like you do, I'm so undeserving but so grateful! Happy New Years!! My thoughts are with you Miyahara's in San Jose :) Have a fun week! I love being a missionary! Oh and I'm staying anothew transfer in Acworth with Sister Watts!! Horrayy!!!! :)
Your southern sista,
S. Miya!

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