Monday, September 16, 2013

The Fighting Fayetteville Fifty Three!! 9/16/13

It’s been another week of absolute God crafted miracles! It’s so totally true that all God asks of us is a mustard seed of faith and a speck of faith may be all we have but with God, it is enough. I’m just so ridiculously blessed with the opportunity to witness such miraculous changes in people’s lives due to only a speck of faith. I have to laugh a little when people don’t believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ but their souls long to believe it. Who am I to hold anyone back from the extraordinary? That is why I am so committed to talk with everyone, inviting everyone to let the Lord take the front seat!
This week we had Zone Training Meeting. The Fayetteville zone is the largest and strongest zone, ever. 53 missionaries and 10 senior couple missionaries set apart representatives of the Lord in the Fayetteville Zone. President told us that our average of member present lessons in this zone is the highest in the nation! The Fayetteville Zone! Hitting records for the country! So inspiring to be a part of it all. Anyways! President Harding is a big believer of the powers that come forth with temple attendance. He has arranged for us to do a session in the Atlanta temple before every mission leadership council and every zone training meeting. That allows a handful of us to attend the temple twice each month, it’s incredible! So this week all missionaries did a session and as I stood back by a wall in the celestial room I was stunned. As I reverently observed my mind was taken up in thought and I literally felt like a fly on the walls of heaven. It was like time stood still and heaven was rejoicing over these valiant servants of God working so hard for the salvation of the living and the deceased.
 The work isn’t going to hasten, it is hastening. We are locking arms, we’re united and are one! I’m learning to have to love and have patience on an entirely new degree. Throughout the loneliest of Christ’s life he ‘held His peace’ sometimes we over look the significance of finding and helping others come to a friendship with the Savior. Christ said that ‘greater love hath no man than this, he that layeth down his life for his friends.’ If you’re truly someone’s friend you’ll mirror their righteous actions and follow their example. I’m so excited to ‘waste and wear out my life’ to allow others to feel and have for themselves the joy I feel and have each day.  Truly a ‘fullness of joy!’
I love y’all a lot. Thanks for your encouragement and love!
Sista Miya

Georgia Sunset

My sweet boy Julian

She seriously loves to take pictures

So much love for the Love family

Sister Picher is my running buddy

Sister Bangerter is the coolest!!

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