Thursday, August 29, 2013

miracles, happy times and goodbyes

Holy moly I have so much to say and I have zero clue where to even start! Alright well I’ll start with the big news that I’m leaving my beloved Lost Mountain Ward L  And this next transfer I’ll be training a new MTC sister…opening up a new area (white washing: both missionaries are new)….and continuing as Sister Training Leader of this new zone. Holy moly me oh my! This is straight nuts!
K so to bring it back, I have got to share a miracle and some happy times of my last week here at home (I seriously feel like I am home here. This ward is my family. They joked and said I needed to have a farewell! My heart is actually so sad to leave but truthfully I’m STOKED for this change. You know me, I thrive for change! Shoot this is a really too lengthy for parentheses)…oh man my scattered brain is going to be evident in this email!
A few months ago Sister Nelson and I were in Fayetteville (about 90ish minute drive away) at Mission Council and at the stake center there they were hosting a blood drive. We start chatting with one of the phlebotomist from Brazil, sweetest lady there ever was and we ended up teaching up the wazoo and she was golden! Assuming she could live anywhere around Atlanta we asked for her address to refer her over to the missionaries where she lives. She gave us her address AND SHE LIVED IN OUR WARD BOUNDRIES!! After many more miracles occurred, she was baptized on Saturday and she is the newest member of the glorious Lost Mountain Ward! The Lord is ever mindful. He is in the details of our lives. My sweet Alessandra has taught me so much about real faith. She was beaming on her baptism day!  As she hugged me in the locker room, sopping wet (I embraced it 100%) after her baptism she repeatedly said “Thank you God for sending me the sisters, Thank you God for bringing me Your truth.” It was a moment I’ll never ever forget. Alma says it best, (Mosiah18:30) “how beautiful are they…who came to a knowledge of their redeemer…how blessed are they, for they shall sing praises forever.”
Have you heard of the Nashville Tribute band? Well they played a concert for our stake at this huge performing arts center and it was totally awesome! I’ve never been a country kind of girl but I’ll shamelessly admit that I may be slowing converting! Churchy inspiring music with a Nashville twist? Surely! It was so fun. At one point in the show they asked for all missionaries to go on the stage and it was such a powerful moment when this huge auditorium gave us a standing ovation. I was so proud to be a missionary. Our mission president and his wife were rocking out too! I’m so obsessed with my life out here haha it’s just the best!
I’m so grateful for the 7 ½ months I’ve spent serving with all of my heart in the Lost Mountain Ward. The level of love I have for these good people is beyond measurable. My companion told me she hasn’t seen so many people cry happy/love tears in her whole life. These goodbyes are so hard. The members, the less-active, our investigators, and the missionaries I serve alongside…everyone (!!!) means the absolute world to me! I’m forever grateful for the things I’ve learned from my time here. This ward has taught me how to be a stellar member when I get home; they’ve taught me how to love and serve like the Savior; they taught me how to more fully keep my covenants; they helped me to become someone better than I could have ever been without them.
So here’s to the next adventure! I already feel a love for my new companion, new sister friends, new area, new everything! Here’s to the joys of total and complete faith in my Father and His perfect plan! I’m ready! Bring it on, baby!
Until next week!

Sister Avery Miyahara
My cute companion and ms. torey girl! Gonna miss these two so terribly much!

Nashville Tribute Band

My sweet Alessandra, happy as happy gets! 

Deer steak with my Georgia paps! #thesearemyconfessions I hugged him goodbye! 

Some of my most favorite women

The Friedrich's cooked me and their son a "last supper" (their son leaves for the Marines today!) Kindest people! 

Barb (the driest of all mormons) has changed my life. I will forever LOVE this lady. So many tears! 

haha having to pack up and leave is a struggle and a half! So much stuff! 

Elder Romero baptized her and ah it was just glorious!

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