Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart 8/12/2013

My heart is exploding with joy today! Being a missionary is absolutely positively the greatest most rewarding service I could be doing, yet the most challenging responsibility in the history of ever. It’s been a crazy week of very little sleep but hey, the Lord always makes up the difference! I feel compelled to write a list of things I am particularly grateful for after coming off yet another ridiculous week so let me just unload all of my hearts explosions on you for just a sec, sound good? Cool. Here we go!
·         My knowledge and testimony of the reality of this restored gospel. It’s undeniable. Let it change you like it’s changing me.

·         My dear family. I love you. I’m so grateful to have been raised by parents who love me like mine do. I’m so thankful for parents who keep their covenants and strive to valiantly to keep our house a home centered around Christ and His teachings.

·         I’m forever thankful for my call to serve in the Georgia Atlanta Mission. I know with surety that I God called me personally to labor with all my might here in Georgia under the stewardship of our mission president and his wife, the Hardings. Because of their great love, our mission is excelling. They’re big on the future and I love it. President is always reminding us that our missions are forever and we must equip ourselves with skills that will allow us to be wonderful spouses and parents.

·         Thank you sweet friends of mine at home for making me feel so loved each day. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the letters and emails and all your love! How blessed am I to have such phenomenal friends.

·         I’m so grateful for the Lost Mountain ward. This ward I’ve served in has changed my entire perspective on the church. The charitable love that is overflowing the congregation is inspiring. I’m learning to serve like the Savior by being around the members of the Lost Mountain ward. They are my family. I know and deeply love every single name on the ward roster.

·         The investigators we currently have are remarkable. Im so grateful for the faith and desire of these children of God. Our teaching pool ranges from babies to 92 year olds…from Haitians to southern hicks…the gospel is for everyone.

·         I’m SO obsessed with my scriptures and I’m so grateful for the freedom to freely study and discuss religion. May this country forever to one nation under God.

·         I thank my Father in Heaven every day for trusting me with the responsibility of Sister Training Leader. Getting to know all the sisters in the zone on such an intimate level really helps me still feel like me. I love these sisters will my whole heart and I’d do anything to help them but truly they are the ones teaching and helping me.

·         I’m so blessed to live in the most comfortable basement apartment of a wonderful old couple in our ward. They’re so good to us! We came home kinda late one night and she hugged me and said she was so worried and was about to call bishop and said that she feels like mother hen to us. It was so precious.

·         I’m grateful for my companion. Sister Sullivan is such a hard worker and we make a great team. We are learning so much from each other because we are total opposites in every way and it honestly works out great! You learn a lot about yourself with those who are not like yourself.

·         I’m kinda obsessed with our district and our zone.

·         THE TEMPLE!!! We got to go the temple this week and my life was again changed. The temple is heaven. We are literally taught from on High in those holy temples and I am forever grateful that God gave us a little taste of heaven while we are here on earth battling the adversary.

·         I’m thankful for the priesthood. It has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and it’s the power is real and undeniable.

·         On Sunday we got the privilege of teaching the CTR 6 year old  class and by golly they are incredible. The raising generation of the church are powerful. Watch our world! The Mormon primary kids are comin in hot!

·         I’m grateful for bug spray, air conditioning, our morning runs, frozen blueberries, my camera, that I get to work at the family history center once a week, otter pops, kick ball on P-days, my naturally ability to use “y’all”, oil blots, my thriving banzi tree and the list goes on and on forever!
WE HAVE A FAMILY GETTING BAPTIZE THIS WEEKEND! It’s gonna be a fabulous week! My heart is full!
Peace and Blessing, yo!
Sister Miyahara

Prayers in the Park.  Thanks elders for the stalk work!  I am impressed.

Lost Mountain District comin' at ya!

My crazy girl club members :-)

Excuse the slips!  Happy exchange with Sister Kynaston!

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